Attentive because you are going to want a tracksuit-inspired jacket and they are already disappearing from the low cost


It is no longer news how comfortable sportswear has made its way into the daytime wardrobe, and for activities that have nothing to do with exercise. Unfortunately, the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic allowed us to break
the cliché of sloppiness that was previously associated with tracksuits, leggings and the like, but the immersion in the ‘sporty chic’ does not stop there. Actually, to graduate in this subject you have to learn to introduce the
sports designs in hybrid outfits. And we can start with the tracksuit jackets understood as jackets, without more.

The proposal is this: resort to
Chandal jacket, better if it has a careful design or with a vintage tone, as if it were any other more or less neutral jacket.
It is about mixing this garment not only with the recurring jeans, but with midi skirts, dresses, culottes … With everything. We have pretty enough designs to do it, like this cropped track jacket from Zara, with an adjustable hem and a green side band (25.99 euros). It is a wonder.

The new Bershka collection has surprised us with a sporty ‘drop’ that has
two spectacular cropped track jackets. In fact, they can look fantastic in outfits that include high-heeled sandals or party clothes: you just have to dare. They both have the
length to the waist That greatly favors these styling games and the price will seem first-rate: 25.99 euros.

You still have all the sizes of these
tracksuit jackets in the new Bershka collection, and you can also choose it in an intense dark red or in a more discreet navy blue. Do not think about it, but especially if you are determined to
do not wear this jacket with the jogger on duty or jeans. Only then can you get the most out of any of them.

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