Attention to this VIP influencer trick to turn a dress without more into a super class look (suitable for all ages and sizes)


As almost always when we fall in love with a look of a VIP influencer, we know there is a risk. Often times, what works scandalously well for them is not convincing for us. However, we are sure that this trick caught on the fly in the Instagram stories of Blanca Miró yes it will be of much use to us. After all, he resorts to one of the trend star garments spring that extends its reign into summer: the striped shirt. It cannot be said that it is a garment with excessive complication and, in addition, surely we already have one or two shirts of this type in the closet. As always, the key is to combine it properly. Like Blanca does.

Blanca Miró  wear a striped shirt to elevate a short dress.

Blanca Miró uses a striped shirt to elevate a short dress.

As we see in the photo, this styling trick It is simple: it seeks to give an extra interest to a short dress without more, although in almost Blanca Miró Surely it is not without more, but Louis Vuitton or similar. What it is all about is choosing a dress that achieves a radical contrast with the classic style of the striped shirt. It can be like in the case of the influencer a graphic print or a floral print, vichy or even sailor. The key is to hack the style of the dress with an unexpected combination of ‘prints’.

It is not the first time Blanca Miró he resorts to the shirt in an unexpected way, even, for many, anti-flattering. How? Looking for volumes that most of us flee at full speed. This is what you get when you combine a long black and voluminous skirt with a white shirtA choice that goes wonderfully with those platform sandals and patterned socks. Surely, few of us would come to this style of our own free will, but now that we see it in her, she falls in love. Truth?

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