Attention to the fantastic style trick of Blanca Miró to wear the white dress with a style that all your friends will envy.


summer heights It seems impossible to say something new about the white dress, probably the most basic, classic and recurring garment for everyone in the hot months, and not only for influencers. For several seasons now, the white dress has been in the trend in a version very close to the nightgown, a shade between Victorian and exhibitionist that is as charming as it is romantic. Without a doubt, the loose white dresses with embroidery and important sleeves have earned a place in our hearts and in the wardrobe. Of course: when you see
the style trick that has been taken from Blanca Miró’s sleeve, you will no longer want to take it any other way.

We said that what we love about these
wide dresses, with a silhouette and a delicious intimate spirit, is its romantic tone. Well, what Blanca Miró has invented to get one of these dresses out of that comfort zone is
roll up the sleeves as if it were a t-shirt. You can see it perfectly in the photograph that he has published on his inspiring Instagram profile: the touch of the rolled up sleeves turns the whole look into something much more special than what we had to start with.

If you want to try this look, we recommend
combine it with any black sandal with an important presence, such as shovel sandals or trekking-type sports straps. If what you lack is the v
steamy white stylingZara still offers a design in its summer collection that is also available up to size XXL. It is a tunic dress with a wide square neckline and perforated embroidery that is not yet on sale: it costs 39.95 euros.
The sleeves are perfect to roll up like Blanca Miró does, truth?

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