Athflow, the home and sporty style of 2021


2020 has left tangible signs in the life of each of us and habits that will also accompany us throughout 2021. Some of these changes have redefined our choices also in terms of clothing. We got used to spending much more time at home than usual, we use new communication tools and we discovered the power and effectiveness of video calls.

We have learned to work from home and redevelop the rooms of our apartments. We work in smart working but we also find time to keep fit by unrolling the mat in some corner of the house. There is a word that has been coined to represent this new lifestyle and clothing style: it is athflow.

Athflow: what does it mean?

It is a word that comes from the fusion of athleisure (the union of sportswear and free time with a more formal style) and flow: the athflow represents the will to wear comfortable clothing without sacrificing style.

Staying at home made us review our priorities and if it is true that fashion follows the flow of what happens in everyday society, the athflow is the right answer to this new way of life. It is the revenge of the home style, because staying at home does not necessarily have to represent a limit and does not mean having to wear pajamas 24 hours a day.

Athflow, the new fashion trend of 2021

Athflow is a tendency to favor clothing from flared and wide shapes, and come on mainly neutral colors. The fabrics are comfortable, in oversized and unisex models.

It’s a kind of style evolution cozy is comfy. It is clothing made up of rather sporty garments without sacrificing a touch casual.

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Athflow is a professional style for work video calls, but also suitable for training sessions and comfortable enough for a little relaxation on the couch.

It’s a versatile look who can also accompany us out of the house to go shopping, a walk with our four-legged friend or for a lunch out (when possible, because these days nothing is taken for granted).

Athflow: the essential items

Go ahead and then a sporty and loose garments, which take the place of tracksuits and pajamas. Yes to comfortable trousers and sweaters in light fabrics, but beware: athflow does not mean a scruffy look, it is studied in detail and winks at the refined simplicity.

For some years now, i sports brands more noble not only focus on the quality of fabrics to perform in sport but are also attentive to trends and fashions, launching real versatile collections, like the Maison that parade on the catwalk.

The same goes for i fashion brand who dedicate entire collections and sections of their e-commerce to clothing to wear at home, without giving up that pinch of fashion style.

Examples of athflow outfits

The watchwords for dressing in full athflow style are simplicity is comfort, characteristics often also present in the looks of celebrities shared on social networks. Some examples of garments to choose from to compose perfect athflow outfits are:

  • comfortable and soft pants, which will also be perfect for a home yoga session;
  • oversized sweaters and cardigans, perfect if chosen in pastel colors or in more neutral tones such as beige or baby blue. They also look good combined with the trousers you decide to wear. They will represent a warm and enveloping embrace for the winter, but they will be perfect even if framed by the computer video camera;
  • knitted suits or wide ribs: in neutral colors they will give a refined but simple look. The suit can accompany us throughout the day spent indoors and / or with short outings;
  • jumpsuit: practical and comfortable, it will be a moment to get ready to go out, just embellish the look with accessories such as a hat or a shoulder bag.

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