Asymmetrical cuts: 10 hairstyles to be inspired by


Whether on long hair or short hair, on smooth or curly hair, lately the trend is that of asymmetrical cuts, which allow you to indulge your imagination.

The cut, in fact, can be declined according to your face shape, the length and thickness of your hair, how much you want to dare, so as to make the most of your hair and bring out your personality. Many variations, all impactful and visually appealing, precisely because they are very different from classic helmets or traditional scaled cuts.

But from a technical point of view such are the asymmetrical cuts? They are cuts where the asymmetry is declined either in the sense of verticality or horizontality. In the first case, it is a cut with fringes or tufts of different lengths, concentrated on one side only; in the second, it is a longer cut in front and shorter in back. There may also be general asymmetry, from the point of view of styling, therefore with very irregular scaling.

Asymmetrical cuts: which features they enhance

The hair frames the face, so sometimes a cut can make the difference and the choice of one rather than another can significantly change the final result and give a “new” look to the face. Accomplices the glossy magazines, the catwalks and the gurus of the world of hair style, asymmetrical cuts are having huge success.

The fact of being able to adapt the cut to the personality and needs of each woman, ensures that each of them can be fully exploited, focusing both on the physiognomy and on the hair itself.

As for this last aspect, those who are naturally “favored” in asymmetrical cuts thick and voluminous hair. But for those with fine hair there is certainly no shortage of solutions to give volume and movement. A trick is the simple choice of the long cut in the front and shorter in the back. Then the difference is the use of the right styling products.

The shape of the facethen, it has a great importance in the choice of the way in which to wear the hair. Therefore, it must also be taken into consideration when making an asymmetrical cut, it being understood that every woman must opt ​​for what makes her feel beautiful and confident regardless of the theoretical lines, according to which, for example, helmet and long bob enhance rounded faces. Conversely, these are “penalized” by the symmetrical bangs and the central line, which make the face even fuller. Yes to irregular tufts and lengths with important scaling.

The latter also adapt perfectly to square faces, with protruding jaws or an angular chin, to soften the features and harmonize them. Long cuts (especially combined with a central line) are not the best for elongated and triangular faces. These are enhanced more by short and medium cuts that somehow “break” the verticality of the face, combined with a tuft or fringe that fall only on one side.

Asymmetrical cuts for medium or long hair

In this case certainly the possibility of put emphasis on lengths it is an added value. So yes to intense scaling, or to a regular cut but combined with a very thin fringe and a side tuft.

The top is the so-called collarbone cut, a medium choppy cut that Julia Roberts first showed off.

Asymmetrical cuts for short hair

On short hair you can really dare a lot, because a hint of asymmetry is enough to make the hair saucy. Details such as a jagged bangs or an irregular tuft only accentuate the final effect, making it unique and decisive. For a more voluminous head you can play with scaling, to give movement.

While girls who love very short cuts and the slightly masculine style can risk undercut cuts shaved on one side or asymmetrical hair with a long tuft that falls on one side only.

Asymmetrical cuts for curly hair

On curly and wavy hair, the asymmetrical cut is very much in vogue. Among other things, it also allows you to better manage the frizz, the volume and the messy effect. With the help of suitable products the result will be even more effective, for example with the help of disciplining sprays or mousse to define waves and curls.

Both with the line in the center and on the side, the result is very fashionable. You can both be daring with a bob or opt for a medium-long one, with fringe or with a tuft, more or less scaled for a rock or more delicate look. The trend of the moment is the longer cut forward than back, which emphasizes the undulation.

Asymmetrical cuts: 10 star looks

Browse the gallery to get inspired with 10 star looks.

Asymmetrical cuts: 10 hairstyles to be inspired by


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