Ashley Graham tells us to prejudice: show cellulite side with pride


Like every year, Christmas has come and during this time many people rejoice. It is already close to the eve and preparations are in full swing. In particular, you know, the rush for gifts, even in lean times, is a tradition that few are willing to give up. Looking for the perfect gift is no easy feat, but for some it is the simplest thing in this world. How to make the countdown truly original and “hot”? With an advent calendar with a high erotic rate like the one proposed by Love Magazine, which gave space to models like Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham. The latter is one of the models who took part in Love Magazine’s advent calendar, which every year shows some of the most beautiful and desired women in the world in provocative attitudes, so as to make the days of waiting for Christmas a little more exciting . For the occasion, the curvy appeared sexier than ever as she shows off her physical strength during a run wearing sports underwear. Graham notoriously does not mind her imperfections and for this she has become a real idol. (continues after photo)

Now what is amazing about this Love Magazine calendar promo is that both the b-side and the busty décolleté are framed in the foreground of the beautiful curvy, which literally drove the fans crazy. The goal is not only to provoke the followers of the magazine but also to claim the right of every woman to show off her femininity as a true form of freedom. Despite having some imperfections and orange peel skin on her lower back, Graham manages to drive millions of men crazy all over the world. After all, few women would be able to boast such sensuality even when they improvise a jog. Graham very often shows off her body, not only as a matter of work, but also to show that even with a few extra pounds and a little cellulite you can be beautiful and sensual and something that sends her into a beast. that’s just when someone criticizes her for it. (continue after the photos)

A few days ago Vogue Italia published a really questionable post that had Ashley as the protagonist. The model had published a photo in a bikini with cellulite in the foreground, proving to be proud of her imperfections, but the magazine has seen fit to take the shot to launch a harsh criticism of her. In the post it was written: “Dear Ashley Graham, Body Positivism is fine, but in these extreme sways we would also do without stumbling upon Instagram. Someone else has published it, but with more delicacy ”. Realizing the gaffe, the magazine then changed the caption to write: “Ashley Graham reminds us that beauty is a woman. Point ”and justifying himself for what happened. The model, however, seems to give no weight to criticism and continues to proudly show off her buttery curves.

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