Armocromia: the test to find out what season you are and the perfect colors for you


Do you know that every woman has an ideal color palette based on their natural color characteristics? We explain how to find it according to the principles of armocromia

Even before makeup or a nice haircut, do you know what affects the perception of your face and your image? THE colors!

Knowing which colors harmonize best with your mix of skin, eyes and hair is key to making your hair shine.incarnate and the eyes, because color is a real beauty elixir!

In this regard, there is a technique, called armocromia (harmony of colors), according to which every woman can find her perfect color palette for clothing, make-up and hair color. There are 4 “mother” families of palettes, which are similar to the colors of the four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Take the iris test to find out the undertone of your skin

The number 1 principle of Color Matching is to choose colors by “repetition”: a light and delicate image wants equally light and soft colors, while a “dark” image wants more intense and dark colors. A warm undertone want warm colors while a cold undertone he wants cool colors.

What features to consider?

The 4 pillars of the color chart

  • The undertone of the skin
  • The chromatic value
  • The contrast
  • The intensity

1. The undertone of the skin

It starts with identifying your own skin undertone, to understand if it is hot or cold. It is he, the background color of our complexion (not always visible to the naked eye), who dictates whether you will be enhanced more by warm rather than cold colors.

Jessica Alba Warm Undertone

Jessica Alba has a warm undertone and belongs to the Fall season

Anne Hathaway Cool undertone

Anne Hathaway has a cold undertone and belongs to the Winter season

2. The chromatic value

The second element to identify is the chromatic value, who dictates theintensity of colors to use. Imagine looking at yourself in a black and white photo: how white, gray or black is your image?

If you are diaphanous blondes, for example, your chromatic value will be very clear and therefore you will be enhanced by tone-on-tone combinations in light colors. If, on the other hand, you are a Mediterranean woman with olive skin, very dark eyes and hair, you have a chromatic value closer to dark gray or black, and therefore you will be enhanced by more intense and dark colors.

3. The contrast

The third element is the eye color and of hair and how much they “detach” from the skin, to measure the so-called natural contrast of your image, which is responsible for choosing the patterns and color combinations in an outfit.

Light skin with very dark eyes and hair for example create a high contrast, which is enhanced with “color block” combinations such as black and fuchsia in the case of a cold undertone, or burgundy and cream white in the case of a warm undertone. Even the patterns will have to be chosen in high contrast.

The low contrast of a medium brown with medium-light skin, on the other hand, is well accompanied by less contrasting combinations and patterns.

Selena Gomez High Contrast

Selena Gomez has a high contrast between skin, eyes and hair and belongs to the Winter season

Elle Fanning Low Contrast

Elle Fanning has a low contrast between skin, eyes and hair and belongs to the Summer season

4. The intensity

The elements of intensity in the face dictate the bright colours (typical of spring and winter), rather than i dull colors (typical of autumn and summer). These elements can be:

  • Clear and very bright eyes
  • Very dark, velvet eyes
  • Being very “dark” in general (dark skin, eyes and hair)
  • Having a very high contrast (very light skin and dark hair and eyes)

When you are “intense” you are enhanced by equally intense and brilliant colors, when you are instead more “soft” and have no elements of intensity (the image is more delicate) you are enhanced with lighter and opaque shades.

Free armocromia online test to discover your own palette

You want to discover your palette but right now you can’t make one image consultancy real with an expert also for its cost? There is no problem because you can do the online armocromia test for free and discover your season by answering simple questions. As written a few paragraphs ago, if you could then get some garments or fabrics in the colors we have inserted above, you could get an even clearer and more professional result, in the meantime take a pen and paper and do this test with us!

We also remind you that on the DMBeauty Instagram account we are super happy to answer your questions, write us in the comments or in a private message and tag us in your stories, we will make content in line with the requests that come to us also on the theme of armocromia .

The test to understand which season you belong to

When you sunbathe how do you tan?

(A) Easily (even if you don’t go dark), the tan is golden, even and quite persistent.

(B) With difficulty, first you burn yourself, the tan is uneven and “reddish” and goes away quickly.

Place an orange garment under the face without make-up, then a fuchsia one. Move the garments up and down quickly, what do you see?

(A) With the orange color the skin is brighter and more homogeneous, while with the fuchsia color it grays and pales.

(B) With the orange color the skin turns yellow and imperfections are more evident, while with the fuchsia color it is lighter and more luminous.

What happens to your skin when you are under physical exertion?

(A) Nothing ever gets red.

(B) It blushes on the cheeks, décolleté and ears.

Majority of answers (A)

Do you have a warm undertone and therefore exclude the Winter and Summer seasons, which are cold. If you are “dark” (medium-dark eyes and hair) you are Autumn, so go for warm, dull and dark colors; if you are blonde or natural red with hazel or light eyes you are Spring, therefore prefer warm, clear and bright colors.

Olivia Palermo Autumn Season

Olivia Palermo belongs to the Autumn season

Blake Lively Spring Season

Blake Lively belongs to the Spring season

Majority of answers (B)

Do you have a cold undertone and therefore exclude the Autumn and Spring seasons which are hot. If you are “dark” (medium-dark eyes and hair) you are Winter, therefore you prefer cold, intense and bright colors; if you are a natural blonde you are Summer, so go for cold, soft and light colors.

Ariel Winter Winter Season

Ariel Winter belongs to the Winter season

Alison Williams Summer Season

Alison Williams belongs to the Summer season

Have you identified which season your colors are closest to? Well, now find out which palette is able to enhance you by reading the article dedicated to your reference season.

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