Armocromia, spring season how to recognize it


Our mentor Elisa Bonandini gives us all the style tips to follow and suggestions to understand if you belong to the Spring color scheme.

In color palette applied to the person, to the various chromatic typologies, are combined with color palettes that refer to the color schemes of the climatic seasons. The seasons with warm color schemes are spring and autumn: while those of spring are clear, bright and saturated typical of the flowers that bloom, those of autumn are darker, opaque and rich, typical of the leaves that fall in the woods.

There spring woman is clear, bright and in some cases brilliant, compared to the autumn woman who is more “opaque” and the glow is not her main characteristic, although there are delicate autumn women. The spring woman has gods in her warm colors, which are enhanced by equally warm colors, declined in 3 different palettes depending on the color of the eyes and hair. Let’s see all the characteristics of the spring woman in its declinations to know how to choose the most suitable colors and enhance her beauty.

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Identikit of the Spring season woman

-Subtone: warm

-Overtone: tends to yellow, it can be very light, perhaps with freckles, but in some cases it can also tend to pink

-Eye colors: light blue, blue, green or amber -Hair colors: honey blonde, natural reds, medium to intense brown

-Special features: it tans well, even if it is fair skin and does not turn dark. The tan is golden and homogeneous and the sign of the costume remains for a long time

spring armocromia

How not to confuse the spring woman with the summer woman

It often happens that these two chromatic typologies are confused due to two characteristics that in some cases they share: the eyes and light hair. The difference lies in the undertone (the one who dictates the right colors for himself): that of the spring woman is warm and that of the summer woman is cold. The overtone of the spring woman tends more to the neutral-yellow, while that of the summer woman in neutral-pink. Hair can have both warm and cold shades in both categories and often do not coincide with the undertone, just as the eye color does not matter: for this reason, if the overtone is not visibly warm or cold, but is neutral, it is always better. measure the undertone with a chromatic analysis in order not to make a mistake in the category of belonging and penalize yourself with the wrong colors!

The three types of spring women: clear, warm and bright

According to the color of hair and eyes and how they contrast with the skin, the spring woman can fall into these 3 categories, also called “Dominant”: dominant is a particular striking feature of that person. The colors that are good for the spring woman will always be warm but vary according to the dominant intensity and saturation, because it is so important to choose the colors by temperature (warm or cold), based on your undertone, but also their degree of intensity and the way in which they combine greatly influence in recreating a perfect harmony under the face.

The clear spring woman

The light version of spring is the most delicate and clear one of hair. Examples of clear spring celebrities are Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift and Cate Blanchett. There skin it is clear sometimes with freckles; the eyes they can be green, blue or light blue; the hair I’m honey or ash blonde. A veil of tan gives a lot to this color typology, whose skin becomes very golden. There ideal palette for the light spring woman is warm, clear and luminous and the color combinations should be tone on tone. The make-up it must respect the delicacy of the image and therefore be nude or tone-on-tone with a warm, satin or glossy base but with little contrast in terms of color. The light spring woman, if natural blonde, should not darken her hair but rather lighten and warm it slightly to enhance her radiance, opting for warm shades such as golden or strawberry blonde. THE bijoux and jewels that highlight this type the most are yellow or pink gold, but silver or white gold can also work well.

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The hot spring woman

The warm version of spring is one whose dominant is distinctly warm, such as naturally red hair. Examples of hot spring celebrities are Jessica Chastain, Lily Cole, Nicole Kidman. There skin she is very light, often with freckles; the eyes they can be light blue, blue, green or amber; the hair they are natural reds. There ideal palette for the hot spring woman it is distinctly hot and saturated and the color combinations can be both tone-on-tone and contrasted, because the hair color of the hot spring woman allows it to support saturated colors under the face. The make-up it can be both tone-on-tone and slightly contrasted, with a warm base, without exaggerating in intensity but rather opting for distinctly warm and bright colors. The hot spring woman should never alter her natural red hair, but rather enhance its shine. THE bijoux and jewels that best enhance this type are yellow or pink gold.

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The bright spring woman

The bright version of spring has two very specific characteristics: blue, blue or green eyes and brown hair that contrasts with a fair and golden skin. Examples of bright spring celebrities are Elettra Lamborghini, Paola Turani and Adriana Lima. There skin it can be light or naturally golden and tans very well becoming amber; the eyes they can be green or blue and are bright (the outline of the iris is darker and contrasts with the lighter interior); the hair they can be medium to dark brown. There ideal palette for the bright spring woman is a mix of warm and cold colors (in fact this type also tolerates some cold colors well as long as they are bright), saturated and vivid. The color combinations can be contrasted because this type already has the contrast itself between the skin and medium-dark hair. The make-up it can be tone-on-tone, with a warm base, but since brilliance is a strong characteristic of this type, intense and luminous blush and lipstick help to make their eyes even more brilliant and magnetic. Bright spring shouldn’t lighten your hair too much, but rather enhance its intensity. However, if you have the desire for greater brightness around the face, you can lighten some thin locks, a lighter golden or coppery brown. THE bijoux and jewels that highlight this type the most are yellow or pink gold, but silver also works well.

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Basic colors and wardrobe accent

Each armochromatic season has gods ideal neutral colors which form the basis of the wardrobe. Those of the spring woman are creamy white or ivory, nude (or flesh pink), apricot, camel, brown and even blue.
THE accent colors instead they are those brighter colors that complete the outfits and are used both in clothes and accessories but their use depends on how much you like to dress and accessorize “colorful”. The reference accent colors of the spring woman are coral red, orange, orchid purple, turquoise and yellow.
Having a base of neutral colors and warm accents, in line with your undertone, helps to create chromatically harmonious outfits. This is exactly what the ideal color palette is for: to move around it, creating easy and beautiful combinations without fear of making mistakes, which enhance one’s uniqueness and beauty.

Elisa Bonandini

Architect by training, incurable hedonist and author of the book Smart Beauty, redesign your image, pursue beauty and style in all their manifestations. She lives and works in Milan, is a beauty and style coach, content creator and contributor to women’s magazines and collaborates with beauty, fashion and optics companies. The style coaching dedicated to the person is the heart of his work: to understand the potential of an unexpressed image to bring it to light with the aim of making it more confident and satisfied with itself. She likes skyscrapers, the Cosmopolitan and the Carbonara, the fuchsia color is her mantra and the smile her signature.

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