App to sell and buy beauty and makeup products


If you still don’t know them, and you haven’t downloaded them to your smartphone, it’s time to go shopping among the Apps to sell and buy beauty and make-up products

Palettes, creams, serums, lipsticks and then what? The amount of beauty products you have at home is probably infinite and if you no longer know where to store them, it’s time to get to know the best apps to sell and buy beauty and make-up products.

If that palette you’ve craved so much has been left untouched on a shelf, maybe you could think of sell it to those who could make the most of it in all its colors and finishes. Or that skincare product that you stocked up sure it was perfect for you, instead it turned out to be a flop could become the new great love of a skincarehaolic with whom to exchange advice. Just a couple of clicks, some photos and a brief but detailed description: so simple that it will become a real hobby.

Obviously not all that glitters is gold because if you can sell with great ease, and a little patience, you must also know that to buy new beauty products it’s just as easy. If you are looking for a limited edition or a discontinued product, these apps are the right place to start scouting your favorite products. Not only that, on some of them you can find small business what did they do of home made he was born in bio their philosophy of life and production as well as finding little-known products with great potential.

Selling and buying beauty products: what to know

Selling beauty and make-up products second hand is now possible, but to do so you need to follow a few simple rules that will allow you to carry out fair and transparent transactions. Only in this way will you be able to obtain, and sell, quality products that are not subject to counterfeiting.

If you sell:

  1. Select only new and never touched products, even better if equipped with box and outer casing.
  2. Photograph products carefully, choose a neutral background and prefer natural lighting.
  3. In the case of small defects, do not forget to add them in the description and, if possible, also add a photograph. Defects, obviously, must not affect the functionality of the object but could concern the packaging or the wrapping itself;
  4. Make sure that the products, in case they are organic or natural, have not reached the expiration date. The PAO, in fact, starts from the moment the product is opened, not before.
  5. Set a fair price and, remember, that each app always adds an increase (usually called protection) in addition to the shipping costs.

If you buy:

  1. Research carefully and don’t rush.
  2. Use keywords, both in Italian and English, to find the beauty products you are looking for.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for more photos or additional information from the seller: better to avoid future clashes.
  4. If possible, offer a price in your favor without forgetting any application increases and shipping costs.
  5. If your experience was positive, always remember to leave a positive review (usually star-rated) by adding details of the pleasantly concluded negotiation.


It is becoming popular everywhere, but Vinted is one of the most used second hand apps of the last period. Born in France and now arrived in Italy it allows you to buy accessories, clothing and even beauty products.

Bargaining is a must here, but never go below 50% of the initial price (not really allowed by the system). Finally, do not forget, to the price it is always necessary to add the cost of Vinted’s shipping and insurance costs (0.70cent + 5% of the product value).

In addition, in Italy, the French application has entered into a contract with UPS and, for shipping or collection, just go to an authorized center (often tobacconists or newsagents) to deliver or collect the package. Simple and safe.


Born as Garage and then became Depop, is one of the historical apps for buying and selling second-hand items. Once dedicated solely and exclusively to vintage, today Depop is a real market place dedicated to the sale of many products: from handmade to perfumes and lipsticks.

Here the price is not negotiable and the shipping costs are decided by the seller who will then prepare the package and take it to a shipping point: such as the Italian post office or the chosen courier.

Here, too, never forget the five star review: useful for the seller, for you and for those who will buy in the future.


If you are looking for products bio, with a green soul and above all made by small Etsy business it is the right place. This market place was created precisely to support the world of crafting and handmade and, here, we can assure you that you will be able to find truly unique products.

Furthermore, this app will allow you to find products all over the world: from Italy to Australia via the USA. Here the prices are not negotiable, but you can take advantage of discount codes (from the app or provided by the individual stores themselves) and to know real registered realities that will provide you with new and sealed products, often even customized. Beware of customs fees that may be incurred by the USA, Australia and the UK.

Our guilty pleasure: hand made lipstick and lipbalm based on essential oils and cool packaging.


You probably spend countless hours on Instagram, but did you know that even here it is possible to shop with a click? Between a beauty tip from @Dmbeauty and photos of your best friends you might come across some profiles that allow you to buy their products directly from the app.

You will be able to recognize the posts in question thanks to the small icon in the shape of a shopping bag and the ability to see the price of the products with a simple tap. To conclude, Instagram will redirect you directly to the site connected to the profile to then conclude your favorite shopping.

Try it, you will become addicted.

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