Anti-cellulite shorts: effortlessly controlled orange peel


Fighting cellulite without doing anything: can it? We think slimming shorts and leggings in our place. Here are the news to try

They are worn under skirts, at home or to play sports: they are the anti-cellulite and slimming shorts. Some models are short like shorts for cycling, others go beyond the knee, still others reach the calf as if they were fitness shorts. And then there are the leggings up to the ankle, whose fabrics are so refined that they can be used as a normal item of clothing. Also because they compress the legs, shaping the silhouette and improving circulation. Besides, they are not transparent.

Together with anti-cellulite products, per Harden and eliminate the orange peel, you can wear something that works directly “on the spot” on the skin. The smartest ideas are i anti-cellulite shorts, new beauty tools that promise to improve the appearance of the skin simply with theconstant use. Everyday.

These are sheaths that enclose in the fabric itself micro-encapsulated ingredients with a slimming anti-cellulite action: thanks to the rubbing due to the movement of the body, the active ingredients are released and act on the imperfections of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks.
Other leggings, on the other hand, are made of micro-massaging fabric that improve blood circulation: the clever idea is to wear them after applying a slimming or firming cream.

How anti-cellulite shorts work

Just wear the anti-cellulite pants during the day or at night, at least six hours, to feel smoother, firmer and firmer skin. An additional benefit, less beauty but more fashion, is theshaping effect that give by compacting the silhouette, as they “shrink” the body tissues. So you also look leaner and have a flat stomach.

In short, the slimming shorts are an extra help to fight cellulite in a few months. And then they turn out to be perfect under summer clothes, also for a matter of hygiene, especially if you take many means of transport or move around by bike and scooter. Usually theeffect of the slimming actives lasts up to 40-50 washes: once finished, no one forbids you to use them as containment girdles or as clothing for sports activities. And for this reason they can be considered sustainable products, as they are reusable.

A multitasking product from all points of view. Look at the news in the pharmacy and perfumery.

GUAM Slimming Flat Belly Panty
In Guam®-Emana® fabric, with microencapsulated Guam® marine algae with slow release of the active ingredients and the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

Silver Wave Corsaro by SOLIDEA
Micro-massaging sports leggings in bacteriostatic yarn.

Slim Leggings Wonder B for the microcirculation of legs and hips.

Shaping and slimming shorty by LYTESS
Contains Caffeine with a reducing action.

Thermoactive leggings with slimming action, which respects the concept of sustainability thanks to the possibility of being reused.

A refresher on cellulite

Cellulite does not depend on a single cause, but almost always on a set of generic and hormonal factors.

However, some behaviors errors cause it, or even make it worse: too sedentary life, impaired blood circulation, incorrect nutrition and low in water, smoke and alcoholic beverages, high heels e tight clothing. Plasma fluid, oozing from compromised and weakened capillaries, accumulates and stagnates in the adipose tissue superficial.

There microcirculation is progressively compromised and cellulite degenerates, first, into microgranules (accumulations of fat cells) then in macronodules (fusion of micro nodules), noticeable in the classic areas: buttocks, hips, abdomen and thighs.

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