Anti-cellulite and draining supplements that really work


They can be purchased at a pharmacy or herbalist’s shop, and are based on plant extracts that help eliminate water retention. For this reason, anti-cellulite supplements support the action of slimming gels and creams

If inserted into a global attack plan, the anti-cellulite supplements can prove effective. In fact, they help to drain excess fluids and stimulate venous circulation, thus helping to eliminate cellulite. Of course, they should not be mistaken for miraculous slimming remedies, but intended as a support for anti-cellulite products and a healthy diet. These drinks and capsules against water retention by enhancing the creams, making you feel more deflated and lighter. Starting with the legs and ankles! Some are more suitable if the problem is due to a stagnation of liquids, others instead when there are fatty deposits. It all depends on the princactive ipio, usually extracted from medicinal plants and herbs, that contain

But how cellulite supplements work? And what’s the best drain to try? Let’s find out together.

Anti-cellulite supplements: why use them

Anti-cellulite creams and gels alone are not enough, because they act on the skin surface. But cellulite is born well below the epidermis: it originates from a disordered diet, from hormonal imbalances or from a too sedentary life. All factors that determine a accumulation of water in the tissues and fat in the adipocytes, the “store” cells present in the deepest layer of the skin. As they increase in volume, they invade the dermis and form nodules. Meanwhile, in the outer tissues, the supporting fibers become less elastic and the skin, under the pressure of fat and liquids, takes on the characteristic orange peel appearance. This is why it is better to fight cellulite both from the inside, with supplements, and from the outside, with creams.

Draining anti-cellulite supplements

All supplements are meant to reduce cellulite, but they work differently. Some have a draining action, that is, they ensure that the liquids that stagnate in the tissues are reabsorbed by the lymphatic system. Typically, they contain active ingredients such as birch, dandelion and pilosella. They are more suitable edematous cellulite, that is when the nodules and swelling of the legs and buttocks are very pronounced. Also, if you press the area with your finger, a depression forms which remains for a few seconds.

Supplements that improve circulation

There are also supplements that help strengthen the capillary walls. Who has one inefficient peripheral circulation, even if he does not have weight problems, he often has cellulite: the small vessels that supply the dermis, not being strong enough, exude liquids, which infiltrate the surrounding tissues. In this case, products based on extracts of berries are useful, gotu kola, rusco, red vine, which make the capillaries stronger. They also help make your legs feel less swollen.

Do anti-cellulite supplements make you lose weight?

Between capsules and fluids to drink, there are anti-cellulite supplements that aim above all to reduce fat accumulations. But be careful, it does not mean that they make you lose weight. Their purpose is to help fat cells decrease their lipid stores. And the action is always located on the bearings. In fact, they contain extracts of pineapple, ginkgo biloba, green coffee or other substances that accelerate the metabolism of cells, forcing them to consume more. This type of supplement is more suitable when cellulite affects, in particular, difficult areas such as the inside of the legs and that of the arms. And it goes with fatty deposits.

The supplements to try against cellulite

The anti-cellulite supplements in the gallery by base can be purchased at a pharmacy or herbalist’s shop: they are all based on substances that drain excess fluids, improve circulation and help improve the appearance of the skin. Look at the selection of DMBeauty.

Sto Cell weight by Erba Vita
60 capsules, of which 30 for day and 30 for night. Those to be taken in the morning contain: bitter orange, moringa, birch, centella, lespedeza, matè. The capsules to be taken before going to sleep, on the other hand, contain: red vine, bromelain (from pineapple), bioflavonoid complex, sweet clover boswellia, horse chestnut, quercetin.

Ananas Cell by ERBAMEA
Contains pineapple extract and a pool of draining agents, such as centella, blueberry berries, green tea, black currant, birch, spirea, dandelion, goldenrod and karkadé.

Lynfase by ABOCA
Concentrated fluid in AdipoDren, a patented molecular complex based on freeze-dried extracts of buckwheat and ruscus for vascular well-being (lymphatic and venous) and of dandelion, goldenrod and orthosiphon for the drainage of body fluids.

EQUILIBRA® Metabolic Green Coffee
A drink based on green coffee and green tea, birch, dandelion and pineapple for a draining and slimming action.

ESI-Fit D Drain by ESI
24 red orange flavored pocket drinks.
They contain plant extracts of juniper, green tea and birch, pilosella, goldenrod, horsetail, effective in draining liquids and remineralizing the body, ortosiphon, effective against swelling and water retention.

ReduxCell by BIONIKE
60 capsules based on gotu kola, sweet clover, red vine, coleus forskholii, which promotes the dissolution of fats, bromelain: proteolytic enzyme helps reduce swelling.

Fitocentella by SOLGAR
A concentrate of centella asiatica, useful for supporting the functionality of the microcirculation, for those who feel the sensation of heavy legs and against the imperfections of cellulite.

Draining 5 actions with Baobab by PURO by FORHANS
5 ingredients selected in a single product: baobab, centella asiatica, pineapple, dandelion, choline and birch.

Cellulis.IN by SKINIUS
Contains extract of centella, bitter orange and butcher’s broom, to improve circulation by helping to alleviate the feeling of heaviness and swelling of the legs.

Redux Dren Forte
Based on life, butcher’s broom, pineapple, birch, dandelion and turmeric to purify, drain and improve the functionality of the microcirculation.

Can supplements hurt?

Although they come in different formulations, cellulite supplements are mainly based on plant extracts. And most importantly, they do not contain hormones or diuretic substances. They should not be confused with weight loss drugs, which stimulate the thyroid gland, or with diuretic drugs, which act on the stagnation of water present throughout the body and put strain on the kidneys. Anti-cellulite supplements, even if they favor theelimination of liquids, they function only at the level of superficial lymphatic circulation.

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