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When Apple makes a presentation it always teaches us things that surprise us. The new app for your smartwatches that can control your menstrual cycle is just an example of everything we could see.

But without a doubt one of the things that has caught our attention, and for which more than one of my friends would change to this new model, is that portrait mode now also works with pets. If you have a pet, you know what I'm talking about.

How does portrait mode work in pets?

"The two cameras combine perfectly to offer photos in portrait mode of people, pets and objects", as they explained yesterday in the presentation. The iPhone will be able to recognize that you are taking a picture of an animal and will blur the background in a very realistic way.

Pet Portrait Mode And Things Of The New Apple Iphone 11 1

Example of two photos taken with the portrait mode of the new iPhone 11

This new mode It is specifically designed to recognize your pet's face and get a clear picture of your pretty face. If Instagram was stuck with pictures of kittens, imagine what will happen now.

Photo | Instagram @paolaturani, Apple

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