Ana Boyer confirms that the long dress is the favorite of the summer and sweeps Instagram with a very wearable and rejuvenating one


You can go perfect and succeed with ideal looks without resorting to very flashy or sophisticated garments. Y
Ana Boyer it is the example that, on many occasions, less is more. Isabel Preysler’s daughter tends to bet on
simple looks like this one with a super wearable jumpsuit or this one with a white midi dress. Now, in his latest Instagram post, he has shown that he also follows all current trends and, like Vicky Martín Berrocal, has worn a
long dress ideal.

With the latest Instagram posts, Ana has shown that comfort is the most essential part of looks.
Go comfortable and cool It is essential for her, although that does not mean having to resort to sporty looks or without style. The last test? an ideal long dress that you are going to want to copy.

It is a long dress that is starred by a pretty
floral print in blue tones and for a design with
long sleeves and v-neckline. She wears a flowing skirt and a stronger blue contrast strap that falls below the chest and marks the silhouette. It looks great! The bad new? That we don’t know where it is from. Despite the fact that her followers have asked Ana about this dress, Isabel Preysler’s daughter has not yet revealed where she bought it.


While we wait, we have looked for a similar design with which to copy it and … We have found a very cheap one! It is a model of
H&M with a
similar print and colors and a very similar design and cut. It only differs in that it has a puffed short sleeve. And when you see its price, it will convince you: it is lowered to
17.99 euros. Chollazo! And in addition, it is available in many of the sizes … The best purchase of the week? Yes!

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