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Rita Spencer Abreu

By Mariana Sanches

On 08.04.21

A classic on sunny days, the flowery dress gives that romantic and light-filled look to any woman. Besides being beautiful, he is also very versatile: his prints vary, as well as the cuts and lengths. Believe me, there is a model that is your face. Are you curious? So, come with us and check it out!

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8 beautiful and colorful sunflower dresses to have in your closet

How about having your own sunflower dress? Beautiful, he is a model that combines super with those warmer and happier days. And to help you with your shopping, we have separated eight wonderful dresses that please all tastes. Just take a look:

1. Beautiful and very cheerful, the sunflower dress suits all women

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2. After all, it is mega versatile and combines different colors and patterns

Buy at C&A

3. You can play on more classic models

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4. Or innovate in different color combinations

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5. What matters is that you fall in love with the model!

Buy at Posthaus

6. After all, a happy woman is a beautiful woman!

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Have you already chosen the sunflower dress to call yours? Take the opportunity to make combinations in your look: invest in shoes, bags and other details that match the piece. Believe me, you will be a hit!

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50 sunflower dress photos that will make you fall in love

How about being inspired by 50 different and very beautiful sunflower dresses? We separated the most beautiful models on the internet! There are options for parties, special events and daring pieces for you to play and think about your next boring look!

1. The sunflower dress is that model that screams hot days

Jessica Taylor

2. The face of spring and summer it is perfect for those who love flowers

Antonette Renee

3. And for those who love mega colored prints


4. Speaking of prints, they can vary a lot


5. You can bet on big flowers

Lotta & Linda

6. And in more delicate designs

Surbhi Soni

7. Anyone who likes to dare in colors can invest in a blue fabric

idiot Grin

8. Because this color goes well with sunflowers

Fin Mahone

9. To make the flowers stand out, bet on a black fabric


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10. The contrast with the yellow of the petals is dazzling

Rozanne Meyers

11. And it makes you look super powerful

Lulu Fall

12. You can even use it in the fall


13. For not-so-hot days, wear a closed shoe

Natana Tomaz

14. Looks great with an All Start

Mariana Flag

15. Or with a boots

Marina Harris

16. Throw a blouse over it and voliá!


17. Oh, and it also looks super stylish with a blouse and leggin underneath

Tasneen Bindu

18. But if the day is sunny, then nothing better than a loose model


19. And make it very fresh for you to use anywhere


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20. Especially on the beach, to enjoy the sea

Yllka Hoti

21. And enjoy that nice breeze

She Bebrysz

22. Tumblr girls, on the other hand, love a more stripped down and youthful model


23. The black hat cannot be left out of this type of look, can it?

Amanda Greer

24. You can still innovate and bet on other colors

Allegra K

25. Then just do that pretty Tumblr pose

Rita Spencer Abreu

26. And post on your social networks


27. Do you have a party? So, invest in more elegant models

Meerab Sikander

28. And preferably dark, as they give that air of sophistication


29. And for the birthday?


30. Which model to choose?


31. A model that makes you radiant, of course!

Sara Barnaś

32. Enjoy your little sunflower dress to make beautiful pictures in the middle of the flowers


33. After all, this type of photo always bombs on social networks

Brittani Frick

34. And it’s great for anyone who wants to engage


35. Or just enjoy the vibes of these beautiful flowers

Happy Hippy Hut

36. Do you like more fashionable dresses?

Sharabel Suarez

37. So, opt for a godê model

Pâmella Benvenuto

38. And let that idea of ​​movement pass

Nataly Adameova

39. There are so many options that it is difficult to choose just one favorite, right?

Devangini Karkhanis

40. When in doubt, bet on several


41. So, you have models for all occasions

Liz Lime

42. And moods of the days

Elizabeth Hobbs

43. No matter what your taste or style


44. The perfect sunflower dress model for you exists


45. Just look hard


46. ​​And be open to new styles

Bojana Topalovic

47. It even has classic works

Brandi Dooley

48. What matters is that you are fresh


49. And very happy with your look


50. After all, as you just saw, variety is not lacking


Do you want to continue enjoying the colorful and sunny days in style? So, see these yellow dresses and innovate the looks!

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