Aluminum-free deodorants: the 2021 news to try


After alcohol, parabens and sodium salts, another ingredient was removed from deodorants, namely aluminum. But is it really that bad? Here’s what we found

Aluminum-free deodorants, what does this mean?

Unmissable in summer, when temperatures rise and you sweat more, the aluminum-free deodorant is a product that cannot be renounced. Yet, although it is used every day, it can cause allergic reactions that can also be very worrying on the skin, but why does it happen?

Convinced that “without” is better than “with” we often think that the fewer ingredients there are, the safer the product. But, in the case of deodorants this is not always the case. Natural And biological they don’t necessarily mean safe, and substances like essential oils or alcohol, often found in aluminum-free deodorants they can irritate the most delicate and sensitive skin.

What are aluminum salts?

But what exactly are aluminum salts? very effective antiperspirants in fact, they avoid the escape of sweat responsible for the bad smell. Although their use is very present in deodorants, they can irritate sensitive skin, even severely.

The European laws, in fact, they require manufacturers to advise against its use on irritated or injured skin, indicating it on the label. On the other hand, there is no connection between the aluminum salts and an alleged increased risk of breast cancer, a topic that was discussed a lot years ago.

The innovative formulas of summer 2021

From pochet to go wipes to new ones cream formulations the world of deodorants has also evolved a lot, thus sending the old aggressive formulations into oblivion.

Especially in the summer it is important to choose resistant formulas that last for a long time, leaving the skin dry and a good fragrance which, in some cases can even replace the perfume.

Furthermore the different textures they also differ according to need: for those who play sports and those who love fresh and citrus fragrances, for those looking for a solution for ultra-sensitive skin, for those who want a subtle and non-invasive scent.

Aluminum-free deodorants, how to choose the size?

Available both in the spray or roll-on version, the choice of deodorants without aluminum salts is completely personal and to be done according to your needs.

If you are going to take a trip by plane maybe the roll on format or in wipes it is the one to prefer, because they take up less space in the beauty case and there is no risk of running into problems with liquids.

For everyday use, on the other hand, it is very good spray format which offer a wider range and a greater feeling of freshness.

The only attention to keep in mind when putting on deodorant is hair removal. Especially if done with a razor it would be good to wait a few hours before applying the deodorant, the risk is to feel a strong burning sensation and risk irritation.

In the gallery the new 2021 deodorants

The true, Natural & Strong Deo Cream. Price: € 8.49

The true, Natural & Strong Deo Spray. Price: € 8.49

L’Occitane en Provence, Shea balm deodorant. Price: € 16.50

Antos, Citrus Deo Roll. Price: 8 €

Caudalìe, Vinofresh deodorant. Price: € 11.80

Lycia, Pocket Deo. Price: € 2.15

Adidas Control Deodorant Spray. Price: € 3.50

BioNike, Defense Deo. Price: € 13.50

Nuxe, Rêve de Thé Deodorant Roll. Price: € 9.90 & Co, 051 Deodorant. Price: 22 €

Ecooking, Deo Roll-on fragrance free. Price: € 14.50

Madara Organic Skincare, Herbal deodorant. Price: 14.80

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