All types of hair removal: which lasts longer and all the pros and cons


From waxing to pulsed light through razor and sugaring: hair removal is a serious matter and here we are ready to tell you about everything and more

What are the types of hair removal to have smooth and soft legs? Between waxes, razors, creams, lasers and more it is easy to get confused and, for this reason, it is good to know what are the pros and cons of each methodology and, in addition, to know the duration of each to understand which type of hair removal is the most suitable of each.

The choice, of course, depends on several factors: phototype, type of hair, painless process or not and the final result to be obtained. For this reason we have decided to undertake a real one journey into the world of hair removaland with a focus on each type, revealing both the pros and cons of each. Are you ready to become a true pro and declare war on the hair?

The difference between hair removal and epilation

Before starting to analyze the various types it is good to understand the difference between hair removal and epilation. In reality, the concept to assimilate is really easy since we are talking about hair removal when it comes to removing the hair from the point of emergence from the skin level, without removing the bulb. Quick, painless but definitely less lasting and, in this case, we are talking about depilatory creams and razors.

All other methodologies that aim atelimination of the hair including the bulb, fall into the broad category of methods of epilation. In this case, the hair has a much slower regrowth that can go from 4 weeks, in the case of waxing, to the final removal of the laser.


To be made at home or in a beauty center, the waxing falls between more classic types of hair removal and known by all. Perfect for the whole body, for both men and women, it can also be done on the face (lips and eyebrows) by choosing and using a more delicate type of wax.

The wax is divided into two large families:

  • TO cold: perfect for DIY and ready on epilating strips that need to be slightly warmed in your hands or with hot air.
  • TO hot: usually used in professional centers, it can be applied with a spatula or roller. To eliminate it, together with the hair, you can use strips of ad hoc paper or fabric that can be washed and reused. Compared to the cold one it is slightly less painful because the heat allows you to dilate the pores and eradicate the bulb with less effort.

Wax is certainly one of the most popular methods and his duration, varies between three and four weeks. Obviously there is no denying that tearing can cause some a small trauma to the skin and, for this reason, it is not recommended for those with particularly weak capillaries or in the eyebrow area because, in the long run, it could weaken the skin causing a release of the muscles.

Before doing it, about 24/48 hours before, it is always better to do one scrub to eliminate dead cells and allow the hairs under the skin to emerge. Always remember that the wax must be done on clean and dry skin and, after epilation, it is good to pass a oil to eliminate wax residues and deeply moisturize the skin.


Called sugaring or Arab waxing, this type of hair removal is very similar to waxing but provokes less pain and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a totally natural product. Based on sugar, water and lemon, it is a method used since ancient times, and consists in creating a small sticky ball to be applied on the affected area, respecting the direction of the hair, and then proceed with the tear.

Perfect for more delicate areas, like the groin, it lasts about four weeks but, unlike the classic wax, it also affects the shorter hairs. The presence of the lemon and its disinfectant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Wire hair removal

When it comes to hair removal it is easy to think only and only of the legs, arms, armpits and groin, but it is also good to talk about the facial hair removal and, in this case, of the wire epilation that has always been used in the East but has recently come back into vogue. To make it you need a cotton or silk thread and a lot, indeed a lot, manual skills. If you have never done it before, it is better to contact a professional who, holding the thread between the fingers of the hand and the mouth, will pass the thread twisted in a spiral over the areas to be treated, capturing the hair and extirpating it to the root.

A treatment to be done consistently to see a consistent decrease in the hair, but without creating trauma.

With razor

Who has never tried the hair removal with the razor? It is certainly the first approach for many and it is a perfect methodology for emergencies. Despite the legend circulating that using the razor for hair removal causes harder and bristly hair to grow back, it is good to know that this is not the case: the hair, in fact, will have a clean cut and may look more bristly, but it absolutely does not change either in nature or neither. in quantity.

The rule for good hair removaland with the razor they are few but you have to follow them carefully so as not to damage the skin. First of all, always use a new razor and throw it away after each hair removal: the blades could rust over time and create abrasions or the proliferation of bacteria. Also remember to always use a product dedicated to hair removal or, in an emergency, shampoo or conditioner: this will soften the skin and allow the razor to flow better and without causing trauma or cuts.

No less important, then, thepost-shave hydration which must be careful and accurate. The razor can be used fearlessly on the legs, arms, groin and armpits but it is good to avoid it on the face, both in the mustache and eyebrow area.

Obviously this type of hair removal is perfect for emergencies, but keep in mind that the duration is very short: after 3 days the hair will already start to grow back.

Electric epilator

L’electric epilator is a perfect hair removal method for those who love DIY and never want to feel unprepared. obviously it is not painless and, for some, it’s even more painful than waxing as it pulls out every single hair and not areas in one fell swoop like wax.

The hair is pulled out thanks to a head rotating that slips on the skin and, with small tweezers placed over the entire surface, tears the single hair. Perfect for i last minute tweaks, this small device, can pluck the hairs already at 0.5 mm in length, unlike wax which struggles to pull hairs under 2mm.

The electric shaver can be easily passed on legs, arms and groin, but in the most delicate areas such as armpits and face it is good to choose ad hoc heads usually provided in the purchase set.

Even this epilation methodology allows you to have one smooth skin up to 4 weeks. And, while you don’t need to use creams or foams for hair removal, it’s good to have one finely hydrated skin and soft to feel less pain.

Depilatory cream

For those who want a painless option for hair removal can always opt for the depilatory cream, a cosmetic product designed to eliminate hair through the use of substances such as thioglycolate of football combined with others such as sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide that, acting, break down the keratin which is the protein at the base of the hair. This dissolution allows you to then remove the hair with a jet of water, a sponge or a spatula specific. All in a time of 15/20 minutes.

A smooth, pleasant and pain-free result, a pro not to be underestimated. Obviously the hair is not eradicated from the bulb and, therefore, among the cons we can only mention the hair regrowth speed which is around 5-10 days. It is also important to know that the substances contained in this cosmetic product can create irritation and for this reason it is always good to remember to make a test on a small area of ​​the body and wait 24 hours to see any side effects.

Perfect for legs, armpits and arms, the depilatory cream is not recommended in the groin and genital area as it is a highly irritating product. For the face, however, there are ad hoc creams thinking mainly for the mustache area.


Among the methods of hair removal it is impossible not to mention the definitive solutions such as the treatments of photoepilation. Among these is the laser which uses heat for destroy the hair bulb in a semi-permanent wayIn fact, after the first cycle, just a couple of sessions a year are needed to regain perfectly smooth and soft legs.

It is good to know, however, that this type of hair removal works and effective based on the amount of light energy absorbed by the melanin while the hair follicle is in the active phase and the hairs are growing. Having to act on melatonin does not work on hair that does not contain melatonin, such as those blond or bleached.

Also perfect for the face, it is good to carry out this treatment in a specialized and authorized center.

Pulsed light

In addition to the laser it is also possible to opt for treatment with light pulsed and which can be used all over the body (legs, groin and face). Unlike lasers, pulsed light uses a lamp called a ‘flash’ which produces an intense light beam which acts the pigment of the hair.

Much like laser, it is good to know that pulsed light is perfect for work on limited areas and well defined since the lamp hits a specific bulb and does not work with a wide beam light beam, unlike pulsed light.

To be carried out in a specialized center or by an aesthetic doctor, today the pulsed light can be rmade at home even with tools designed ad hoc. Obviously, in this case, you need to have more patience for a 10 and praise result.

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