All the VIPs who have stumbled upon real beauty disasters


Even the best ones get carried away and fall into pretty obvious beauty mistakes. Here are the VIPs to which it happened and how not to imitate them.

We usually see them always flawless, go from a red carpet to a glamorous event and even if we usually look at them dreamily, sometimes celebrities remind us to be earthly. It happens, indeed, that even the VIPs run into real beauty disasters which, however, offer us the opportunity to learn what is ok and what is definitely less. Small involuntary beauty lessons to comment with a smile because, girls, we must never forget that freedom and irony must always be the basis of everything.

Each of you can, indeed should, play with your image as you see fit, without posing too many problems.

But if you need some advice, in our opinion, here are the disasters that it would be better to avoid and the VIPs who did not.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo And one of the most beautiful women on the planet, there is no doubt, and every appearance of it is a dream. The last one in order of time is no exception, which saw her as a guest of the sspun by Dolce and Gabbana in Venice.

Also in this case, needless to say, her look was like a real Queen but some reigns over one particular perplexity: the lip makeup. The color chosen to stand out is perfect for her complexion and goes very well with the rest of the make-up but the side dish is definitely too over. Practice a little overlining it is granted in case you want to give the illusion that your lips are slightly larger than the real one, but so maybe it’s too much.

How to do a perfect overlining

Replicating this technique is actually very simple, you just need to equip yourself with a lip pencil same color as lipstick and instead of laying it exactly on the real edge, pass it slightly out. Do not overdo it, however, otherwise the detachment with your natural contour could be noticed and give life to a horror result.


Lady Gaga

Also in this case we are talking about a vip who with her looks she has always left us speechless. Chameleon like no other, Lady Gaga as well as with clothes she loves to play with hair and make-up but if usually the approval is unanimous, theeyeliner flaunted on this occasion it definitely seems to us too much.


How to put on eyeliner

Even if the Myth has it that putting eyeliner on is very difficult, the reality is that they exist lots of ways to do it, so you can easily find what, in addition to feeling better, you are more confident.

Can’t you do the classic tail? And what’s the problem? draw a very simple line at the lash line, which will be enough to intensify the look. And if black doesn’t convince you, know that eyeliners exist many colors, then experiment freely.

Drew Barrymore

Although one of the most famous roles played by this actress is that of protagonist of the film Never been kissed, in which she shows off a not exactly perfect look, it is undeniable that in this shot she has definitely surpassed herself.

In partial defense we can say that it is a look that comes straight from the nineties, a decade in which horror beauty spared practically no one. If we look at those eyebrows but the verdict is only one: fail.

Nothing works in them, first of all there form decidedly too thin. Also to review the color, whose detachment with that of the hair (also questionable) is definitely too much.


Have mercy on your brows

To avoid ending up like poor Drew, remember the main rule: stay calm with that tweezers. A hair in this area of ​​the bodyin fact, once torn it does not grow back or does very slowly so be careful where you intervene. For the rest, there is no better shape than another, the important thing is that it is in harmony with your face.

Kim Kardashian

Kim it’s a’a glamorous icon to which almost everything is forgiven. He has been on the scene for over twenty years and every time he does it in a more eclectic way, so much so that even when he exaggerates he rarely results in contrast with his character.

But she too, Queen of VIPs always in the spotlight, was the victim of a horror beauty, or rather of a hair drama. In fact, at the Met Gala in 2019, she presented herself with wet look hair, definitely too wet, to the point of looking dirty.

Good idea, more than bad realization.


Demi Moore

Once it appeared on the Fendi catwalk in 2021 everyone wondered what happened to Demi Moore’s face, decidedly too dug in the cheek area and with cheekbones in extreme evidence. Most of the newspapers talked about yet another VIP surgery that ended tragically but the beauty Demi claimed it was just about a wrong trick, due from excess of highlighter and blush.

How to sculpt the face

We are good and we believe her but in order to avoid being reduced like her, it is better to run for cover and apply the highlighter in small doses and only in the points we want to highlight.


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