All the things not to say to those with curly hair


Traumatic awakenings, murderous humidity and very few possibilities for experimentation. Beautiful to behold, i curly hair they can become an unmanageable and difficult to unravel. And those lucky enough to naturally have straight hair can’t understand the trauma of waking up every morning with a devil for a hair.

Each day, in fact, reserves a different (and bitter) surprise for women with curly hair. The result, however, will always be the same: set the alarm clock at least a quarter of an hour earlier in order to have time to give a socially acceptable shape to naturally indomitable hair.

We also want to talk abouthumidity? A slight hint of fog is enough to make the hair begin to live a life of its own: thefrizz effect is around the corner and the (sweaty) fold becomes a distant memory.

You’ve tried them all: from anti-frizz products to shampoos designed specifically for curly hair, from hairdryers with diffusers to oils, masks and sprays that promised miracles. But there is nothing to do: even there hair dresser, every time, it does nothing but propose to you the usual (and discounted) cuts, because unfortunately your hair leaves no room for experimentation of any kind.

What about the times when you have tried to use the plate? You spent hours in front of the mirror only to receive amazed comments like: “but you don’t look like you either!”

In short, that of hedgehogs is a universe unto itself: yet, let me tell you, curly hair is gorgeous and envied by many. They make you unique in the world and, above all, beautiful.

Original article published on November 25, 2019

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