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If once upon a time the task of always being flawless, well made up, combed and with soft skin, was a prerogative required exclusively for women, today beauty, in its most positive form, no longer looks the genre in the face.

But most of all being beautiful does not mean having to adhere to a standard “Objective” of perfection (which does not exist), or respond to certain socio-cultural expectations, but being able to take care of your appearance, enhance oneself, carve out time for oneself and for one’s own individual expression of what makes us beautiful and unique.

In this panorama, given that we have less and less time to spend hunting for the best products for our beauty routine, for some years now it is the online market to have carved out a large space, offering a wide range of items of all kinds, at often even discounted prices, and with the certainty of receiving everything comfortably at home within a few days.

Especially during the complicated period of the lockdown, when people, forced into isolation at home, did not however want to give up the small daily beauty pampering, a rapidly growing reality such as the platform MAKEUP have made available to users a vast online shop, with more than 71,000 between perfumes, decorative and care cosmetics, satisfying over 750,000 customers all over Italy.

All this by simply turning from one page to another of the site, between the nine basic virtual shelves – Perfumes, Make-up, Nails, Hair, Face, Body and Bath, Men, Accessories and Health & Care – and selecting, through the search filters, your choices in a targeted manner, with the certainty of having a delivery in a short time, without shipping costs for orders over 29 euros and the possibility of returning the unsatisfactory product.

Starting from MAKEUP (a brand that currently delivers in 14 countries) and “virtually turning” among its nine shelves, we have selected some ideal products to respond precisely to that need for comfort and self-care that, for us , is equivalent to beauty.

1. Perfume shelf

Source: MAKEUP

Today the perfume becomes an “agender”, women use the male ones or vice versa, or directly unisex.

On the left the unisex perfume Yves Saint Laurent Supreme Bouquet Oriental Collection, with Bergamot, Pink Ambergris Pepper, Woody Notes, Patchouli. To the right FiiLiTTehani-Polynesie, with Lemon, Coconut, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla.

2. Make-Up Shelf

Source: MAKEUP

Make-up is now also a gender-fluid issue, especially when it comes to cleansing or improving the complexion. Here then is the make-up remover Gold Tree, which guarantees intense hydration of the epidermal tissues, and the CC Cream by Eveline, which makes up and cares for the skin simultaneously.

3. Nail shelf

Source: MAKEUP

The nail varnish has ceased to be an exclusively female prerogative, and more and more often we see, especially in the music world, men showing off well-groomed nails enameled in black, gray, or even with bright colors, even if some tenacious prejudice sometimes still resists.

In fact, even in the past years the most famous rock stars and artists who have marked an innovative turning point in the music scene, also for their style and aesthetic side, did not disdain enamel, which therefore can be considered, with full rights, a true unisex beauty accessory.

Excellent glaze Neess Hybrid, with very high pigmentation, to be combined with cuticle oil Silcare, which gives nourishment, for a flawless manicure.

4. Hair shelf

Source: MAKEUP

As for the enamel, also the hair dye today it is a beauty product designed for men and women alike. And, as once people with tattoos were looked upon with perplexity, the same suspicious attitude was reserved for those who dared with stronger colors, with pastel or even fluorescent shades, which today are very trendy, applied on small locks or all over the hair.

However, taking care of your hair also means freeing it from everyday impurities, from the effects of brackish or atmospheric agents; for this, one detox scrub for the scalp it is ideal.

You can try the dye ICON Playful Brights Direct Color, designed in many shades, tones and colors, and the scrub Niamh Hairconcept Be Pure Detox Scrub, developed in Italy.

5. Face Shelf

A good face balm allows you to have the right nourishment and hydration necessary to keep the skin supple and toned.

For tanning enthusiasts twelve months a year, on the other hand, a good one face tanner it is ideal for showing off a golden skin, without the risks associated with exposure to UV rays.

The balm Lumene Harmonia Nutri-Recharging has a formulation designed with shea butter, jojoba, sweet almond and sunflower seeds oils that intensely nourish the skin and restore the hydrolipidic balance. The bronzer Academie Bronz’Express instead it is the right solution for those looking for a golden skin all year round.

6. Body and bathroom shelf

Source: MAKEUP

Just like for the face, a product body scrub and peeling helps maintain skin elasticity and tone, freeing us from toxins and impurities accumulated every day, with the removal of dead cells and cell regeneration.

For total relaxation, but also for an evening with a strong sensual charge, the ideal is a massage oil.

The “Mandarin” coffee scrub protects and purifies the skin, freeing it from dead cells; Natural Coconut Oil instead it is a natural coconut oil from Kerala, suitable for hair and body, with a perfect formula for everyday skin and hair care.

7. Man shelf

Source: MAKEUP

In products with a clear masculine imprint, something for beard care cannot be missing, such as a balm to make it soft and with a neat appearance. But also mustache lovers can find products to perfectly take care of their mustaches.

The beard balm Azbane nourishes the hair, facilitates styling and gives a pleasant scent, with a formulation designed to moisturize the beard and skin. But Azbane also thinks of the mustache, with a wax based on beeswax, shea butter and Moroccan argan in a practical pocket-sized package.

8. Accessories shelf

Source: MAKEUP

Beauty is above all self-care. Here then is the masseur Lash Brow, for face, available in different colors, which guarantees tone and relaxation of the face, while the hair clipper Wella it is suitable for both men and women.

9. Health & Care shelf

Source: MAKEUP

The inevitable fabric mask, with completely natural ingredients, to relax and stretch the skin of the face, to which an organic product is added to complete the restructuring action.
The cucumber tissue mask by is excellent Rorec, rich in vitamin C, and ecocera Loose Powder, banana powder for dry and sensitive skin.

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