Alba Díaz’s black bikini is the one that feels best and the one that most flatters, whatever size you are (and it never goes out of style)


swimwear they are infinite. There are models for all tastes, styles, body types and occasions. There are even bikinis and swimsuits with sun protection! However, there are models that are perfect to bring out the best in a woman’s silhouette and that are very flattering and
Alba Diaz knows how to find them. First he showed us this white with an ideal neckline and now he has found
the black that looks good has the size you have.

The shape of the chest, the size, what you want to hide or show make choosing a bikini or another completely decisive. However, there is a
universal design that ends up being everyone’s favorite for its good styling effect. And in the end it is usually a
neutral and dark color like black and have
a top that gathers the chest well and a high brief that marks the curves and the silhouette. And yes, that has been taken by Alba Díaz herself.

The daughter of Vicky Martín Berrocal has shared an image on her Instagram profile in which she appears
posing spectacular with a bikini that you are going to want to copy as soon as you see. It is a set in black color of
Onne, the
bathroom signature ‘made in Spain’ Favorite of the influencers that has models of bikinis and swimsuits for sale for all tastes and styles. Alba has chosen among all of them, this black that is a basic that never goes out of style and with which to succeed is easy.

Specifically, Alba wears the
Thaiti Top Plain (29.95 euros) And it is a wide strap design that is very comfortable, it gathers the chest very well and has good support due to that thick strap that runs along the back and will not be tied to the neck. On the other hand, he has combined this top with a matching high-waisted briefs that bears the name of
Beonne Tall Bottom Plain (24.95 euros) and that it is a design that refines the waist and also gathers up super well. Can it fit better?

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