After sun: the best products and tips for a long-lasting tan


After any prolonged sun exposure, it is important to use after-sun to help the skin recover the correct level of hydration (affected by UV rays). In the meantime, it sets the tan and keeps irritation and redness away

Often, at the end of a day on the beach, you are satisfied with a shower and a moisturizer, but theperfect tan it is achieved by taking care of the skin before, during and above all after the sun. In addition to soothing hot skin, after-sun in fact serves to prolong the tan. And then it prevents irritation caused by the mix of UV rays, salt, sand, wind and sweat.
Discover all products and advice for an ideal tan!

How to choose the after sun?

As with all sun products, the after sun it must be chosen to measure, according to the needs.

Among the features to focus on to make the right choice, there is first and foremost the consistency: if you don’t have much time, go for spray which do not require any massage. These products usually have the multidirectional applicator which allows you to reach shoulders and back even alone.

If you want to get dressed immediately after application, opt for i after-sun gel which are instantly absorbed, intensely refreshing the skin.

Slightly more consistent, however, are the classics after sun in milk which takes just 50 seconds more to apply. Skin exposed to the sun, hot and stressed as it is, must in fact be touched as little as possible, that’s why the new formulations blend immediately with the epidermis, making the massage, reserved for winter post-bath creams, superfluous.

But if you spend your holidays in places from very dry climate or your skin needs more nourishment, opt for i after-sun cream: they will never be buttery like the body treatments you use in winter, in fact.

What is the difference between after sun and moisturizer?

The main difference between moisturizer and after sun cream lies in the ingredients: the after sun contains specific assets to repair skin stressed by solar aggressions, such as Vitamins, Aloe vera and Omega 3-6 and 9 fatty acids. In addition, the moisturizing agents are formulated in such a way that penetrate deeply without greasing Skin.
Special complexes that prolong the tan and prevent flaking complete the after-sun formulas.

Finally, compared to moisturizers, after-sun products have one finer and more refreshing texture, which exploits the thermal effects, lowering the temperature by a few degrees. This means that they give unparalleled comfort, also because they do not remain on the surface as if they were “wet films”, but penetrate immediately, giving immediate relief.

When to apply after sun?

The night hours are those in which you can best preserve your tan, increasing its duration and repairing any damage caused by excessive exposure. Apply after sun, then, after the evening shower before going to bed, with light massages, without insisting too much if your skin is too stressed.
If you have particularly dry skin, use the after sun as a compress: spread a larger quantity until completely covering the reddened areas, and leave to act for at least 10 minutes, then rinse.

Right nutrition after the sun

Foods rich in antioxidant substances limit sun damage to the skin, primarily skin aging. Such substances are contained in fruits and vegetables, mainly in the form of vitamin A, C and E. Green light therefore to salads and summer fruit salads!

A few examples? Juice of black grapes, blueberries, kale, spinach, blackberries, black plums, pink grapefruit, strawberries. A daily dose of one of these foods enhances the restorative effects of after-sun.

After-sun products to try

Soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging, tan extender, many functions for various products: which after-sun is right for you? Choose it by continuing to read!

To refresh hot skin

The after-sun should also be chosen based on the texture that must refresh and not grease the skin. An example? Equilibra after-sun spray milk, with 40% Aloe Vera.

There After Sun Cream of Elbe water it is a pleasant refreshing cuddle to be used at the end of the day. Contains a concentrate of marine active ingredients, algae and precious coral dust, combined with a complex with specific protection functions against damage from exposure to the sun.

To soothe redness

Aftersun should be applied as often as needed, especially when the skin is hot and irritated. An example of prompt intervention? The SOS After Sun Soothing and anti-redness of NIVEA

Contains an anti-redness complex, based on the exclusive Hydra IQ technology. Thus it gives immediate relief to hot skin and a pleasant sensation of freshness on dehydrated and irritated skin by the sun’s rays.

Sun System Rilastil after sun milk is a fluid emulsion with a light texture that hydrates and regenerates the skin subjected to the oxidative stress of ultraviolet radiation, keeping it healthy and elastic.

For a perfume that smells of summer

Even the scent of after-sun helps to make us feel on vacation. Klorane sublimating after-sun cream it has an antioxidant action and an enveloping scent that galvanizes the senses, nourishes, restructures and protects the skin from photo-aging, prolonging the tan.

A floral and vanilla fragrance to give you the feeling of being on vacation. There Velvety Body Cream with Coconut by L’Erbolario it has a light texture that can be used in summer and after the sun. Contains a selection of herbal ingredients, such as nourishing cocoa butter and coconut extract and distillate that leave even the most delicate skin hydrated.

To intensely nourish the skin

Dedicated to the driest skins is the After Sun Balm Moisturizing and restorative by Collistar. It has a formula based on vegetable oils, vitamins, aloe, glycerol and phytoextracts that nourish and hydrate intensely. Sets and prolongs the tan.

To prolong the tan

Pre & After Sun by Clinians is a moisturizing milk that prepares the skin and refreshes it after a long exposure to the sun. Contains vitamins and flax extracts, which helps maintain a long tan.

After Sun Milk Tanning Extender by Caudalie increases the duration of the tan thanks to the natural extract of peas which prolongs the tan. Contains organic grape water, an exclusive Caudalie ingredient with a moisturizing and soothing power, Coconut Oil that nourishes and repairs the skin, organic Aloe Vera with a moisturizing and soothing action.

Contains the tan-stimulator complex il After sun tan booster by Filorga: increases tyrosine, amino acid at the base of melanin synthesis, for an intense and lasting tan. More,
4 anti-aging oils (argan, apricot, sweet almond and avocado) nourish the skin and, in association with hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturize it.

For an anti-aging action on face and body

Darling After-Sun has a strong soothing and emollient action thanks to the presence of Chamomile, Mallow and Aloe Vera. Lemon Balm and Menthol refresh. The combination of Horsetail is Vitamin E prevents skin aging.

To make the skin shiny

Yves Rocher 3-in-1 moisturizing milk sublimates and prolongs the tan, leaving the skin silky and radiant. There Monoï fragrance it increases the feeling of being pampered after a day at sea.

The specific after-sun for the face

A specific face mask to be applied after sun exposure: it contains Laminaria Ochroleuca (golden algae) with a soothing action, and is infused with a lotion composed of dermo-compatible ingredients, with high tolerability, perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive . There glycerine and the pullulan, natural polysaccharide obtained from fermentation, improve the texture of the skin and give it an immediate tightening effect.

Just apply the mask on a clean face, leave on for 10/15 minutes. Once the mask has been removed, gently massage the excess product avoiding contact with the eyes. For a highly moisturizing beauty treatment, the mask can be used once or several times a week.

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