Adriana Abenia steals her husband’s coat (and we love what she does with it)


Adriana Abenia, who underwent surgery last year for a suspicious lump in her chest is already more than recovered and she delights us on Instagram with photos of her daughter, her day to day and her looks. Today we are going to talk about the latter and it is that Abenia has surprised us with an outfit that goes back to the British 1920s. ‘Peaky Blinders’ fans will already know what we’re talking about. And is that the presenter has stolen the coat from her husband Sergio Abad and has marked a look of the most stylish.

The Netflix series, set in England in 1920, shows how criminal gangs are created when soldiers return from war. The protagonist is one of these street gangster gangs, which we can always see in their tight suits, vests, shirts, long coats and Gatsby Hatteras caps (or newsboy caps). As well, Abenia has scored a ‘PeakyBlinders’ in full ruleAlthough the suit and shirt have been left in the closet.

We can see it with a unisex coat (although it actually belonged to her husband) from the Maison Honoré Paris brand, made in wool with double breasts, an opening at the back and a removable belt. Not cheap, but with a little effort you could get him for 250 euros.

Maison Honor & eacute; unisex coat  Paris.  Price 250 euros.

Unisex coat from the Maison Honoré Paris brand. Price 250 euros.

Match his coat with the Alaska ankle boot by Noa Harmon in white with a rivet riveted sole and 5.5-centimeter heel (69 euros). Complete the series look with a checked Baker Boy hat which is not exactly what the protagonists of the series look like, but it is very similar. We don’t know where he got that cap from, but here are two very similar ideas, in case you dare to emulate it:

Brood Snap Cap, by Zalando.  Herringbone print.  Current price: 38.95 euros.

Brood Snap Cap, by Zalando. Herringbone print. Current price: 38.95 euros.

Beret, by H & amp; M.  Lined in dark color.  Current price: 12.99 euros.

Beret, by H&M. Lined in dark color. Current price: 12.99 euros.

It is clear that, with a little imagination and a little more flair, you can create stylish and comfortable looks. So now you know, follow in Adriana’s footsteps, open your boy’s closet and play to combine his clothes with yours, The results may surprise you.

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