Adolfo Domínguez wants us to buy less clothes and repeat looks more times: this is the advertising campaign that everyone talks about


Adolfo Domínguez has done it again. The Spanish fashion brand has just launched one of those advertising campaigns that will last over time and change the rules of the game. After turning into a slogan of empowerment (when we still didn’t even know what that word meant) his unforgettable “wrinkle is beautiful” (that of clothes, but also the traces of life), or of resorting to ‘Old clothes’ last season with garments from 20 or 40 years ago recovered from its archives and the private collections of its clients, the firm once again reaffirm its social commitment and its commitment to responsible consumption with a phrase that will echo a lot: “Repeat more, need less”.

And yes, it is what it seems, Adolfo Domínguez invites us to buy less clothes, his and whoever’s, in what many will see as an ‘anti-ad’ but that, without a doubt, has become a brilliant marketing campaign : it is getting people to talk (a lot and well) about it and, therefore, about the brand with which it is associated. “There are those who believe that repeating is from people without style. At Adolfo Domínguez we think that repeating is the best way to perfect yours“, they assure from the mark.

The idea cannot be simple, nor its message, more inspiring. In the era of ‘fast fashion’, social responsibility makes us rethink our consumption habits, which go through the filter of a more sustainable fashion and large doses of common sense to curb the environmental impact of the second most polluting industry on the planet. And Adolfo Domínguez makes it clear with his motto: “Repeat more. You need less. Be older”.

In this way, Adolfo Domínguez manages to value the quality, durability and timelessness of his designs (You do not need to buy new clothes, because with the investment you have made in their clothes you can live in style for several seasons) and it gives another twist with its surprising advertising strategy: in the videos that the firm has shared on its social networks , and they are already going viral, combines their clothes with those of other competing brands, from ‘low cost’ brands such as Zara or H&M to luxury brands such as Chanel or Balenciaga.

In addition to being sustainable, this new campaign is also feminist: “Repeat, because it is not fair that women have to spend more time and more money than men on clothes.” And is that, if Queen Letizia repeats the look over and over again, why shouldn’t we do it ourselves with the clothes that suit us best and the clothes that we like the most? Quality versus quantity, that is the question.

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