Acid rinse for hair: how to do it and the benefits


Many of us have the problem of dry, dull and dull hair, which looks dirty after just a few hours after washing it. An excellent remedy to avoid this “dull” effect on the foliage is that of acid rinse, which can be done both using special products and with the “grandmother’s” methods, all homemade.

What is acid rinse?

The main purpose of the acid rinse is to restore the natural pH level of the hair, which has a value that is around 4.0. Thanks to the acid rinse it is possible to restore shine to the hair, if it is dull or frizzy, because the acid substance helps to keep the hair soft between one wash and another.

The acid rinse is carried out on full length of the hair, after normal washing with shampoo and conditioner.

The benefits of acid rinse

The main benefit is precisely to restore shine and softness to the hair between one wash and another, eliminating the frizzy and dull effect. The important thing to remember is that if the washes are done very often it is preferable avoid rinses with vinegar or lemon juice after each wash, because in the long run these products can dehydrate the hair.

To preserve the beauty of the hair, preventing it from breaking or forming split ends, it is better to carry out acid rinses at most once a week.

Acid rinse: 6 tips

As mentioned, the acid rinse can be done using some of the products on the market, or with do it yourself solutions, prepared with simple ingredients that we all generally have at home.

Here are some home solutions that we recommend you try, how to apply the acid rinse and what to do immediately after passing it on all freshly washed hair.

1. Water and lemon

To prepare this “recipe” you need:

  • the juice of a lemon;
  • half a liter of not too hot water.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Another very simple recipe since it is sufficient to mix thevinegar with somewater applying it, after shampooing, to still wet hair.

3. Rinse with citric acid

A green solution is that represented bycitric acid, to be made by putting a pin in an empty bottle (the tip of a teaspoon), and then fill the bottle with half a liter of warm water, shaking to mix the two liquids.

The solution obtained can be passed directly on the hair after washing.

4. Acid rinse with beer

Boil the beer for fifteen minutes in a saucepan, so as to eliminate the alcoholic component, then mix it with White wine vinegar and shake well; after which the solution is ready to be passed on your wet hair.

5. Chamomile acid rinse

After boiling the water, infuse a sachet of chamomile and let it cool; add the acid part, such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, mix well and apply to freshly washed hair.

6. What to do after the acid rinse

After doing the acid rinse using one of the proposed home solutions, what you need to do is… absolutely nothing. In fact, the acid rinse does not require further rinsing; that means you can simply switch to hair drying, obviously starting from the assumption of respecting all the rules in order not to waste them further, thus avoiding excessive use of brushes, hair dryers, plates and irons.

Acid rinse, the products

Even if these do-it-yourself solutions are really effective, as well as very simple and cheap, since they are made with elements that practically anyone of us has at home, or in any case easily available, those who wish can also rely on some products on the market. and designed specifically for acid rinse; here we offer you a small selection, which you can find very easily on Amazon.

Maternatura Acid Hair Rinse with Pink Geranium

Maternatura Acid Hair Rinse with Pink Geranium

MaterNatyra’s Pink Geranium Acid Hair Rinse is an essential pre and / or post drying step that closes the hair cuticles making them immediately appear softer, shinier and shinier.

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  • AIAB certified organic
  • Vegan ok


  • No downsides in particular

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Unicorn acid rinse

Unicorn acid rinse

The Unicorn acid rinse comes from the combination of an alkaline hair soap with an acid conditioner, and is suitable for all hair types.

€ 18 on Amazon


  • With the scent of apple
  • Vegan, without parabens and silicones


  • No particular downside

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