Accent nail: what is it and how to do it? 13 inspiring ideas

Accent nail: la manicure di tendenza che piace a tutti

L’accent nail is one of the most popular nail art of the moment. One way easy and fast to customize our manicure: all you need to do is choose two different colors and immediately our nails will have more character and will be unique. A glitter ring finger can be perfect for showing off a new ring, as a colored ring finger is perfect for giving a pop and joyful effect to a classic black manicure.

What is accent nail?

The accent nail manicure consists of coloring all the nails of both hands with the same color excluding a finger for each hand. The traditional technique wants as the protagonist of the manicure theannular, this does not mean, however, that another finger cannot be chosen. The ring finger, or the finger chosen to our liking, can simply have a different color or a different decoration.

Some beauty addicts argue that the accent nail is born precisely to highlight the ring finger, or the finger that decrees our sentimental / marital status where the fateful engagement ring or wedding ring should be. In case there is neither a boyfriend nor a husband, this nail art technique would serve to highlight the single status.

However, there are no reliable sources regarding this belief and unfortunately we don’t even know the creator of the accent nail manicure to ask her (or him) directly about the veracity of these rumors.

How is accent nail done? The techniques

To create the perfect accent nail manicure you don’t need great artistic skills or particular manual skills; you just have to choose two different colored glazes (or two different decorations) and that’s it. Let’s find out together what are the most common accent nail techniques and how to do them.

Whichever technique you choose, you should always start with one transparent base to be spread on all nails, then proceed with the application of nail varnish prevailing that you have chosen, excluding the two ring fingers, which you will only paint afterwards. Finally, conclude with a top coat to seal and keep colored nail polish longer.

Accent nail polish

Surely this is the technique more widespread. The ring finger is completely covered with glitter, which can be powder or real rhinestones, the important thing is that our finger shines like a precious stone and stands out on the whole manicure.

Contrasting accent nail

For this type of manicure you will need choose the two colors carefully, they must go well together but they must not be too similar, otherwise the risk is that the difference will not be noticed. Among the most guessed choices there are certainly colors complementary (like blue and orange or red and green) but also black and fluo colors. For example, the matte black manicure with neon yellow ring fingers is the choice of many stars.

Accent nail with decorations

For this accent nail technique we can use only one color for all our nails and that will be the basis of ours decoration choice for ring fingers. The decorations can vary from the simplest such as hearts and polka dots up to real artistic designs. In the latter case, however, it will be necessary to be a nail art expert.

Accent nail with french in reverse

If you are more traditional and prefer the classic white and transparent French to geometric and floral decorations, you could try the accent nail with the reverse french. On the ring fingers the french will have a white base and a colored line, or why not even glittery. The result will be a trendy but not overdone manicure.

The techniques to create the accent nail manicure are endless and every day we too can discover new ones, simply by testing our skills and giving free rein to our imagination.

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