Absorbent panties, how do they work? pros and cons


Have you ever thought about how many sanitary pads each woman uses in her life? Over 10 thousand. A fact that should make us think, especially since disposable sanitary pads end up simply being waste. This is why we need to look at the cycle from a new perspective: that of sustainability.

Can the cycle be made green? Sure! There is no shortage of alternatives to classic sanitary pads: from the menstrual cup, to washable sanitary pads, to tampons that do not hurt and are eco-sustainable, it is possible to rethink the cycle in a more conscious and sustainable perspective. A good help are the absorbent underpants, aka a real little revolution in the field of feminine hygiene and menstruation. What is it about? Essentially, menstrual panties are washable and reusable briefs that they can completely replace sanitary pads and tampons or, for those who want extra security, become extra protection. From the appearance of simple underpants – and, no, they are not horrible – they can absorb blood without difficulty. A description that, we know, arouses more than some perplexity. That’s why we have come up with a guide to the use of absorbent underwear, to prepare you for the definitive green change.

Absorbent panties: how do they work?

In reality, understanding how absorbent panties work is not complicated at all. The basic principle is the same as for classic sanitary napkins: in fact, once worn, the period pants will only absorb the menstrual blood. Once removed, however, the absorbent panties work their magic: made with certified materials, they must simply be washed. Although they appear as normal underwear, in fact, the menstrual panties contain an absorbent layer capable of containing losses and neutralizing bad odors. The effect is also anti-humidity: the absorbent underwear, in fact, is generally made of cotton that remains perfectly dry. From thong to briefs, absorbent panties must be chosen according to your menstrual flow. There are, in fact, different levels of absorbency, which roughly correspond to the number of tampons that should be used.

All the advantages of period pants

One of the main reasons for choosing an ecological solution such as absorbent underwear is the economic savings. Until the tampon tax is eradicated, in fact, sanitary towels and tampons will continue to be luxury goods, taxed at 22%. Menstrual panties, on the other hand, involve a single initial investment, which will not have to be repeated for years. In addition to the indisputable comfort, then, the absorbent underwear is the practical solution to reduce one’s ecological footprint and waste of waste, which ends up dramatically in the environment. Finally, absorbent panties are an excellent alternative even for the most sensitive skin: the hypoallergenic and breathable material, in fact, respects the skin and does not alter the vaginal pH, avoiding irritation and potential allergies.


Are there any cons in using absorbent underwear?

There are not many negative sides of absorbent underwear, on the contrary, the only drawback is related to the initial investment. In fact, by calculating the times to be washed, it is necessary to provide at least a pair of briefs for each day of the cycle. Alternatively, the absorbent underwear can also be used as a “support” for the cup or ecological tampons and, therefore, fewer replacements will be required. Furthermore, there are no precise indications for the change: depending on the intensity of the flow, in fact, you may need a new pair of absorbent underwear after 4 or 5 hours, but also last for the whole day.

How do you wash your underwear for your period?

To wash the absorbent underwear immediately after use is enough rinse them in cold water with simple Marseille soap. If you prefer a washing in the washing machine, on the other hand, all you have to do is set the program for the delicates and carefully avoid using bleach and fabric softener so as not to ruin the absorbent power of the period pants. Finally, to make them look like new again, just let them air dry.

Absorbent panties, menstrual cup and washable sanitary pads: what changes?

The main difference is only one: menstrual panties can be worn alone and do not differ much from traditional underwear. On the contrary, menstrual cup and washable sanitary pads are an external element that, although practical, adds to the briefs, making it – perhaps – slightly less comfortable.

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