A white towel is enough to choose the perfect hair color for you


When you feel like giving your life a boost. When you feel you need an extra boost. When you want to get out of a dead period, you change your hair. For a woman, the change of look is something that doesn’t just have to do with the hair, it has to do with a makeover that comes from within. That’s why, when a woman changes her cut or hair color, she always has to be ready for anything: because anything can happen… What’s the problem? The problem is indeed there, because often, for the fury to change, taken by the desire to renew oneself, or to copy one or another star, big mistakes are made. And then you repent. But, if a too short cut can be remedied (just be patient and wait for it to grow back), a wrong color, which does not suit, is more difficult to remedy without harming the hair. We know: dyes, although natural, are not very good for the hair. So you shouldn’t overdo it… So the most important thing would be to get the color right. Of course, if you do it at home, alone, there is a risk of making a mistake, and how. But how can you not make a mistake? There is a way. And it is very effective. Read on after the photo

Yes, it may seem like a million dollar question but it is a question that has a very specific answer. We read it on Gioia and it won us over. This is why we want to share it with you. The secret to understanding at first glance which shade enhances you the most is a “scientific” rule. For this you can’t go wrong. The choice of hair color has to do with eye color and skin color. In fact, a good rule of thumb for choosing color is not to adapt to fashions but to choose according to your characteristics. For example, those with dark skin should avoid platinum blonde and choose stronger shades. Yes, not all hair colors look good on all women … Read on after the photos

To say, women who have fair skin should choose a tint on the blonde. Those with olive skin look great with dark colors: they define the features better. But here’s the trick to make no mistake: to understand what your skin type is, following the advice given by Blackhead, pull your hair back and wrap a white towel around your neck and shoulders. Look at yourself in the mirror. If the complexion tends to yellow you have dark skin and you must follow the color rules we have indicated above. If instead it tends to blue, the complexion is “cold and therefore you should opt for light shades.

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