A personality for each nail polish: “Tell me what color you use and I’ll tell you who you are”


A woman’s hands are important, so they need to be taken care of. There are those who have a fixed appointment with the beautician and those who give themselves to a DIY manicure; those who do not go out without the perfect nail polish and those who wear it only on special occasions. Of course, there are also those who love natural nails, but then this is not the right place. Here we talk about glazes, colors and personality. And while we’re at it, you also remember some valuable tips to get a perfect result regardless of the color you choose. How to always apply a primer before applying the polish because it prolongs the life of the polish and then protects the nail. It makes the surface smooth and smooth, so the enamel is more homogeneous and spreads better. And the top coat? Even if you are in a hurry, remember that it is a mistake to leave out this last phase of the manicure. There are some that make the difference because in addition to giving the ultra-shiny effect, they are able to significantly extend the life of the enamel. And to make it last even longer, apply the top coat again in the middle of the week, paying particular attention to the outer edges of the nails, i.e. where the polish is damaged first. (Continue after the photo)


That said, which nail polish you never give up or show off more often? Are you a fiery red, black or neutral type? Let’s start with the base. With neutral colors. He chooses them, observes Glamor, certainly a sober and discreet woman, who does not like to be the center of attention. But you can swear: with this chromatic choice your manicure will be perfect with any look and at any time of the day. In short, he is never wrong. Pink nail polish. Okay, but what kind of pink? The gradation is practically infinite, but Glamor says that the lighter the pink, the stronger the desire for romanticism of the wearer; on the contrary, the more it tends to the cyclamen color, the more passionate its ‘owner’ is. (Continue after the photos)

Whoever sees only red, the nail polish color par excellence, is a woman who knows what she wants. A chic but demanding woman who loves elegance and seduction. Even those who follow fashion, which every now and again propose it to us as a must, and choose black in terms of elegance ‘don’t joke’. Total black is absolutely right, just take a look in the magazines to realize that it goes a lot. This non-color is chosen by women with a rock soul, strong and elegant at the same time, who know when it’s time to stand out and raise their voices, says the magazine. What about white, then? It goes especially in summer and, just like black, it’s back in trend, coming ‘by arrogance’ from the Eighties. Do you love white, from milk to ice? Then it means that you like to get noticed but without overdoing it. We close with midnight blue, which is what creative people prefer, because it is a never banal color and a symbol of great inner strength.

“But why does Kate Middleton never wear nail polish?”. The more attentive the detail has not escaped. Pay attention to it: it is very difficult if not impossible to intercept a photo of her in which she has colored nails. Here, now we know the reason

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