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Paula Aziz

The beach outlet models are many and we can find options for all tastes and all women! This piece is essential for an afternoon on the beach and even for that family gathering by the pool. We have separated beautiful models to help you choose your favorite. Check out!

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8 beach exit models to choose your favorite

Thinking about the pool or the beach is also thinking about what you’re going to wear, right? And of course, you certainly want to be divine, elegant and comfortable. For this, check out beautiful and stylish beach outfits. You will love!

1. Chemise

Camila Coelho

The shirt or chemise is a simple piece, but it makes all the difference in the look. You can use it loose, with the sleeves hanging and even create ties on the top of the body. It is great to wear with swimsuits and simple bikinis. It gives a different touch to the pieces!

2. Lace beach outing

Paula Aziz

The lace details are of incomparable glamor. The lace beach outings are very versatile pieces and can be used during the day or at night. Besides, it leaves any woman vibrating elegance, right? It looks great with swimsuits and, if it is open, you can also wear it with the top of the bikini and shorts and let it loose. It’s awesome!

3. Elongated kimono

Charlotte Kuhrt

The elongated kimono can also transform the beach or pool look. You can find it with different prints and use and abuse the piece to create a stylish look. It also allows simple lashings and can be used on several occasions, as it is a very versatile piece.

4. Pareô

Oriane Adjibi

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The pareo is almost identical to the yoke, but its fabric is much lighter. It is an extremely versatile piece that allows a great amount of moorings. That is, you already know that you can use your parlor in different ways and always be innovating in the visual, right? It is often used as a skirt to leave the beach, but don’t get stuck in that one way!

5. Shorts

Ellen V Lora

If you like the comfort that shorts bring, this is one of the beach outfits you will love. The ideal is that it is a piece with lighter fabric. It can have transparency or differentiated prints, as you prefer. It is perfect with swimsuits and bikinis with the most differentiated top.

6. Front opening dress

Layla Monteiro

The dresses are one of the most beloved beach outlet models. And, if it matches the bikini, even better, but that’s not a rule! The dress with front opening allows comfort and elegance for those who want to enjoy hot days by the sea. It can also be used for parties around the pool.

7. Get out

Flavia Pavanelli

The skirt is another model that has been increasingly winning the hearts of women when it comes to beach fashion. You can find it in tulle, in light fabrics and with diverse prints. Use and abuse the piece combined with bikinis with a gypsy style top or any other that resembles a cropped one. It looks beautiful, but remember: this is also not a rule!

8. Pants open on the side

Raiza Marinari

Like the skirts, the open pants on the side are a great piece for beach outings. You can find it in chiffon, tulle, lace and printed patterns. It is perfect for an evening by the pool or to enjoy a restaurant by the sea.

Did you like the beach models? They are versatile and add that glamor you want to have on the beach or by the pool. See below for other tips related to this amazing piece.

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More information about beach exit models

In addition to the traditional way of using the beach outings, there are alternative uses that can make you even more beautiful in the sun season. Check out videos with beach tips templates and how to use them!

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Ready to hit the beach with everything? With these tips, you have everything to rock, feeling wonderful and nothing less. How about checking out specific tips for the beach dress model? You will not regret it – it is more beautiful than the other!

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