7 tips to enhance you with the best looks


Alex Michael May

There are several types of bodies and the most important thing is that we know how to value them all! Thinking about it, we list 7 tips for those who have broad hips feel more beautiful and comfortable. Check out!

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1. Prize for comfort

Kelly Augustine

First, escape the error of trying to tighten your hips with shaping straps and hide your curves. Dressing well has to do with feeling powerful, so living uncomfortably in clothes that hide us is not the best option!

2. High waisted pieces

Alex Michael May

A high-waisted garment promotes more comfort and support than low ones. Pants, skirts and shorts tend to dress better on bodies with wide hips if they are taller and wedged.

3. Well-defined visuals

Ju Romano

The satin looks super value the hip! The belt is an accessory that can help you to cause this effect and goes well with several pieces: dresses, salts, pants … Unleash your creativity!

4. Loose and comfortable pieces

Carla m Ortiz

Betting on a larger piece like a dress or skirt is a good thing for those who don’t like clothes that tighten and bother them. In addition, they are very stylish and versatile because you can vary the composition and even use the previous tip.

5. Pants with volume

Cindy Pineda

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Pantalona, ​​pantacourt, wide leg, flare… There are countless models! The tip here is that the pants have volume or are looser at the bottom. This will give a touch of style while making the piece more straight, ideal for those who do not want to draw attention to the hip.

6. Get the bikini right

Raissa Galvão

When choosing a bikini, the tip is to bet on hot pant models or with a wider side, as they promote more support and will make you comfortable all the time.

7. Don’t let that limit you


Having a broad hip is one of many other characteristics of your body, so be sure to wear tight clothes or that show the hip. The tips are for you to feel more beautiful and at ease, not ashamed of your body. Assemble your bafonic look and put that hip to play!

Follow the tips and assemble incredible visuals that value the broad hips. See also models of square toe sandals to elevate the composition!

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