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Raissa Galvão

The season for swimsuits, bikinis and lots of sun is open! And for you to enjoy the summer with more style and comfort, we have separated tips and incredible bikini models for big breasts that are in fashion. Check out!

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7 bikinis for big breasts worth investing in

The following list will help you choose the perfect bikini model to rock the hottest season of the year! Look that:

1. Alignment

Raissa Galvão

The strap is a great option, because the lashing is done as in a strap top, removing that weight that can hurt the neck. You can buy a bikini with this model and even change the way you tie that curtain you have out there. Mara, right?

2. United front

Gabi Fresh

The halter option is incredible, because it helps with support and has a unique charm, since it is super unusual. You can bet on the colors and details you prefer, but the important thing is that the front, with more fabric, keeps comfort in style!

3. Half cup

Raissa Galvão

Pure romanticism, the half cup is for those who love a classic and sensual look! The bowl and the rim guarantee the support, while the cut promotes a delicate and sexy footprint. This is an impeccable bikini option for large breasts that is worth the investment.

4. Gypsy

Carla m Ortiz

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Do you enjoy the strapless fall, but feel it can be uncomfortable? We have the solution! The gypsy, for having fabric in his arms too, will prevent the bikini from falling or not supporting the breasts. Besides that it is a charm that only, right?

5. One shoulder

Roberta Freitas

The one-shoulder bikini, in addition to being a hit with fashionistas, is still a good one for those with large breasts. That’s because the single handle can be thicker, providing support without giving up style. It’s a success for sure!

6. Wide handles

Nicolette Mason

A tip for those who love neck ties or want a classic look is to bet on the wider strap. It helps in comfort and support, while the colors and prints make the piece different. In doubt? This is an accurate model!

7. With hose


Let’s end with an option that is total comfort! The bikini with a sleeve, similar to a condom, is stylish and ideal for supporting large breasts. Beachwear has been very democratic, so the most different options have gained space. And they are devastating!

The rule is to feel good and enjoy without worries, so bet on the model that is more your face. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

More information about bikini for big breasts

Want to know more about it? Drop play in the sequence of videos and follow tutorials, tips and inspirations!

Bikini tutorial for big breasts

Where are the DIY fans? Here, you check step by step to make a beautiful and strong bikini, promoting a lot of support. The result was too much, take a look!

Bikini Model Inspirations

The video has several template options for you to be inspired! Many match the suggestions for large breasts, and others are for you to test and see if you like. Get loose!

Tips for big breasts

Youtuber Claudinha Stoco made this video for those with big breasts, giving an indication of bra models, style tips and more. She still remembers that there are no rules: you can use whatever you want!

So, did you manage to choose a bikini model? Feel beautiful with the piece and really enjoy the season! To create even more stylish looks, check out what will be the summer 2021 trend!

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