7 mistakes women make when shaving the “ triangle ”


Let’s talk about pubic hair. We want to get rid of it, we prefer a crotch (if nothing else) nice and smooth and clean, without a shadow of fluff. And we don’t care if it’s winter and you don’t go to the sea, down there we want to be perfect even if nobody has to see us (which you never know). However, when we get rid of unwanted pubic hair, we always make some mistakes. Madornale. Especially when we use the razor. It’s true, with the razor, then, the hairs grow back stronger, blacker and harder but the pain is non-existent and it takes a nanosecond to shave the triangle, that’s why, in the end, we always opt for the razor. But there are some common mistakes that we absolutely must avoid. It seems absolutely appropriate to let you know what errors we are talking about. The first mistake that almost all women who use a razor in their private parts make is to use it as soon as they enter the shower. That is, it’s not entirely wrong to shave in the shower, but shaving should be the last thing we do. This way the skin will be softened, the ingrown hairs will come out and the risk of getting irritated will be reduced. Even better is to shave after doing a light scrub. Read on after the photo

Do not use specific gels and old razors. Your man always uses special lotions or foams when shaving, right? Here, you have to do it too. Because the foams, those without perfume, leave a minute or two, soften the hair and just a stroke of the razor to remove them. However, I recommend, use a new razor: the old ones are less effective and you are more at risk of injuring yourself. Third mistake: not giving a trim before shaving. It is essential that you do this: shortening the hair allows you to remove it better and the risk of irritation is drastically reduced. Fourth mistake: always do it alone. Every now and then, go for a wax to your beautician. Her magic touch will help you prevent the hair from becoming ingrown and, when you work alone, you will be facilitated. Read on after the photos

Fifth and unforgivable mistake is to shave dry, to do first. This is a trivial mistake not to be made at all. You know, when you are in a hurry, we all take the razor and give it a pass but it is wrong. If you really don’t have time to get wet, at least take a damp cloth and place it on your groin then proceed to shave. This way the hair is softened and shaving is easier and faster. Among other things, you avoid the appearance of bubbles and ingrown hair (unwatchable). Sixth mistake: using the wrong product after shaving. By wrong product we mean a moisturizer of those with too many fragrances. After shaving, use a neutral product that calms the area. There are many on the market and you will surely find the one that’s right for you. Seventh mistake: the laundry. After shaving, don’t wear synthetic, lace underwear, even if it’s sexy. For a day, go for pure cotton panties that will allow your skin to breathe.

Pubic hair, what a pain! You hate them (like everyone else) but here’s what you risk to shave to have a clean genital organ and “more suitable” for sex. The study that left us thrilled

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