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Are you looking for ideas to create your macrame bracelet? This technique of weaving threads is very old and still very much appreciated by those who love handmade accessories. Although it may seem difficult, the knots and moorings are simple to make and require only one thing from you: patience. Check out tutorials with this technique and create your favorite bracelets!

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Macrame bracelet zig zag for beginners

Lyz has prepared a complete tutorial for beginners! If you have never tried the technique, this video is for you: it teaches you all the details necessary to create the macrame bracelet better known as zig zag. It’s easy and it looks too beautiful. Come check!

Macrame with name: create your own bracelet

Art Craft will teach you the entire step by step to create a beautiful macrame bracelet with a name. Although it seems difficult to create the points, you will see that it is all a matter of practice. Follow the video and create your own art!

Macrame with polka dots

Mayara Mendes will give you all the tips to make a macrame bracelet that contains 38 balls. It also mentions all the necessary items. The result is beautiful and you can use it wherever you want. Check out the step by step of the knots she teaches and start with everything!

Macrame bracelet with opaline

Want to learn how to create a beautiful macrame piece with opaline? This stone is beautiful, flashy and, in union with the knots, it is extremely wonderful. In Dede’s tutorial, you discover the necessary items and learn the entire step by step to make this beautiful bracelet!

Tutorial: 2 chevron style bracelets

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Alice prepared a tutorial that teaches you how to create the chevron style of this art in us. She uses ordinary thread to make one and waxed thread to create the other. In addition, it gives the direction of the points, which are very simple to reproduce. Check out the video and see which result you prefer!

Macrame bracelet with pendant

Come learn to create a spiral macrame bracelet with pendant or any other decorative item you prefer. Learn the points, which are simple and give you a beautiful bracelet in a few minutes!

Have you already chosen which bracelet you will create first? Now that you have the best tutorials at your disposal, this will be a simple task. Also learn how to make other beautiful macrame items!

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