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Luisa Accorsi

By Juliana Almeida

On March 14, 2001

The white jumpsuit is an indispensable piece in a woman’s closet! It is charming, comfortable and best of all, it exists in a multitude of models for you to choose yours! Check out some tips for buying and 50 inspirations with the most varied styles of this piece.

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10 white jumpsuits to call your own today

Of course, we would not let you down, not knowing where to find models of this piece to buy. We have selected 10 styles of white jumpsuits for you to check out and purchase. Look at that!

1. The jumpsuit is a comfortable piece

Buy at Animale

2. Depending on the model, it can be more cool or sophisticated

Buy at Animale

3.You can choose the short models

Buy at C&A

4. And those that become lighter in the body

Buy at C&A

5. The white jumpsuit with tropical gradient print is beautiful

Buy at C&A

6. And there are some that carry simple details on the handles

Buy at Farm Rio

7. Look at this one with a slightly pierced style. Beautiful is not it?

Buy at Farm Rio

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8. And the twill classic is great for everyday life

Buy at Renner

9. Are there any stripes there?

Buy at Renner

10. Make your choice and rock!

Buy at Off Premium

So, did you like the tips? We are sure that you will look beautiful with your choice. In fact, you will be wonderful with them all! Well, let’s go to the inspirations? Check it out below!

50 photos of white jumpsuits to get inspired

It is not enough to buy tips, we also want to show you how wonderfully this piece looks on the body. Therefore, we have separated a selection of 50 inspiring photos for you to fall in love even more with the white jumpsuit.

1. The short white jumpsuit always looks good

Thássia Naves

2. But it is clear that the long ones are not left behind

Thássia Naves

3. Moorings are details that make all the difference

Crystal Coons

4. But just having you as a mannequin, this piece is extravagant!

Anna Och

5. You can match belts

Thássia Naves

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6. You can bet only on him


7. Or use and abuse personal accessories to complement it


8. He’s great for parties

Marina Vianna

9. For day trips

Erika Aguilera

10. And to make you even more beautiful than you already are

Lore Souza

11. You deserve to feel radiant

Sol Menezzes

12. You deserve to feel like you own the world

Ana Paula Siebert

13. And believe me, if you want: a white jumpsuit can help you!

Ana Paula Siebert

14. With it you are ready in minutes

Rochelle Johnson

15. And can use multiple overlays

Rochelle Johnson

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16. A white jumpsuit makes all the difference in the closet

Rochelle Johnson

17. Among the models there is a strapless fall

Nicole Simone

18. And it even has sleeves, a very sophisticated style

Nicole Simone

19. How about this one that looks like two in one?

Lalá Noleto

20. And for the more social ones, this one is perfect!

Wendy Nguyen

21. Are you going to visit places with low temperatures? Long sleeve jumpsuit!

Raissa Santana

22. And pantacourt is always available in combinations

Jade Seba

23. If you are a great princess, you need one with puffed sleeves!

Luisa Accorsi

24. But princesses can also use bolder models!

Kayla Smith

25. Some models look beautiful with transparency, see

Alex Michael May

26. And when does transparency come with income? All the best!

Layla Monteiro

27. Don’t be afraid to dare with your white jumpsuit

Gal Meets Glam

28. It was created to show its best version


29. The best version of all the moments of your life

Gal Meets Glam

30. And you know that there are infinite incredible versions of you, right?

Alex Michael May

31. So trust them and put on a frilly look with your overalls

Alex Michael May

32. Show your elegance

Micah Gianneli

33. Reveal your simplicity

Rayza Nicácio

34. Show yourself to the world in your white jumpsuit

Rayza Nicácio

35. This piece allows you to put your style on the cutting edge

Jacy Carvalho

36. Allows the great woman to show herself to everyone

Jackie Go

37. Whether on models with ruffles

The viva luxury

38. Or those two in one that we love

Thássia Naves

39. Extravagant accessories make all the difference to the jumpsuit look

Style Chic 360

40. But you can also have the simplest accessories

Luisa Accorsi

41. If you like intense colors, add them to the look

Thássia Naves

42. In your style, you are in charge, sis!

Andrea Bogosian

43. Just don’t forget to have a white jumpsuit in the closet, huh!

Maria Turiel

44. Even think about having a print

Allison Teng

45. And a tight fit to the body

Raiza Marinari

46. ​​The truth is that you want to have one of each, right?

Halabi Peace

47. But no matter how many you have, shine with your favorite!

Kate Ogata

48. Unleash your creativity and innovate your overalls every time you wear it

Joyce Kitamura

49. Allow yourself to use this amazing item

Lalá Noleto

50. We are sure you will love it!

Luisa Accorsi

What did you think of the white jumpsuit inspirations? Tell us! And if you are still in doubt about the color of the garment, see also the photos of the black jumpsuit and fall in love even more.

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