5 things no one has ever told you about the causes of water retention


The causes that determine the formation of water retention are very many. And they largely depend on your lifestyle. But are we sure we really know them all? Here are a few that (perhaps) you did not know, to be able to prevent and fight it more effectively.

You will certainly have heard of water retention. That is the tendency of the cells of our organism to retain liquids, minerals and toxins. And that manifests itself with swelling or edema, visible to the naked eye, especially on legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and even on the ankles (but also arms and face). A disturbance that can take over anyone, both in those with a skinny and curvy physicality, regardless of sex or age.

And above all starting from the same (many) causes. If on the one hand, however, some of these are well known, on the other hand they are all there a series of habits which unknowingly affect the formation of water retention. And that, therefore, for those wishing to eliminate it it is important to know. Here, then, are some things that (perhaps) you do not yet know about water retention and its causes.

What does water retention really depend on?

First of all it is good to understand the real reasons why it occurs, immediately debunking a myth. As mentioned, in fact, water retention can appear in women and men of any age and with any type of physicality. And this is because, although it is often thought of, it does not depend on the amount of body fat, but on one imbalance between two mineral salts, sodium and potassium (where the first is in excess) and from bad circulation both lymphatic and blood.

Despite the signs, therefore, to think that a young age or that having a thin constitution avoids the possibility of being subject to water retention, is absolutely wrong. And that is why, regardless of one’s physicality, it is important to follow one healthy lifestyle. Taking care of thesupply, the habits and regularly practicing aphysical activity that you like and have fun. Three elements that, in order to be truly effective, must travel in perfect balance (in fact, eating healthy is not much use if you are always sitting on the sofa).

water retention in women

Water retention: nnot just good habits

But not only. Beyond the lifestyle, in fact, there may be other causes that affect the formation of water retention. Which can be of two types: pathological and related to the use of drugs.

Pathological factors

Among the causes of pathological type the most common are:

  • chronic inflammation;
  • heart and kidney dysfunctions;
  • arthritis;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • diabetes;
  • allergies;
  • premenstrual syndrome.

Factors related to the use of drugs

If we talk about medications, on the other hand, water retention can be favored by medicines such as:

  • the cortisone;
  • anti-inflammatories;
  • drugs against gastric acidity.

But also those of the hormonal type and the classic birth control pill.

water retention pill

Water retention and nutrition

As we have seen, one of the factors contributing to the appearance (or disappearance) of water retention is nutrition. If on the one hand, however, we all know how important it is for health to eat healthily, on the other hand, it is not certain that they really know each other. what foods it would be better not to consume.

The number one enemy to eliminate (or at least reduce), in fact, is him: salt.

salt water retention

It is no coincidence that one of the factors that determine the appearance of water retention is the imbalance between sodium and potassium, specifically when the first is in excessive quantities compared to the second. Here’s why, in addition to reduce the use of salt it is good to eliminate from your diet some foods that contain large quantities, such as:

  • chips;
  • some types of cheese;
  • cured meat;
  • processed and / or smoked foods;
  • preserved or packaged products;
  • sauces (such as soy);
  • etc.

Go ahead, however, a fruits and vegetables which help eliminate toxins from the body and ensure proper circulation.

water retention diet

Pay attention to posture

If you are wondering what water retention has to do with the way you stand or sit, know that there is a correlation. And it is by no means negligible. As mentioned, in fact, poor circulation is one of the causes that can favor this disorder, altering the correct water balance within our body.

For this, take one daily incorrect postureby hindering circulation, it does nothing but create the basis for favor the appearance of water retention. In particular, among the major postural vices that it is customary to adopt are:

  • L’excessive sedentary lifestyle, especially when you are very seated and with your legs crossed (a position as elegant as it is unhealthy);
  • stay standing too long without moving;
  • the greater development of some muscles compared to others (perhaps because you choose to tone your buttocks without training your legs adequately).

In other words, the lack of balance!

water retention legs

What the hell are you wearing?

That dress as you wish is a sacrosanct truth, it is also true that sometimes it is the clothes you wear that cause those small imperfections that not everyone likes to have. That’s why, to prevent and reduce water retention, in addition to fashion and your personal style, it is also good to pay attention to type of clothes that you choose to wear.

To avoid therefore, all those garments that go to compress the body, slowing down its proper circulation, including:

  • too tight jeans or trousers;
  • tight body or stockings (such as stockings);
  • jumpsuits with elastic on the ankles or mid-calf;
  • bras that are smaller than your size or that “lift” the décolleté a little too much.

water retention jeans

But also the heels that are too high, beautiful of course, but which are not good for our circulation and not even for the posture of feet and legs. In short, thinking about your look is fine, but doing it with an eye also to your health is even better.

water retention heels

Balance and style (of life)

As mentioned at the beginning, among the many factors that increase the appearance of water retention, a place of honor is occupied by daily habits and lifestyle. And let’s not talk about the aforementioned nutrition and physical activity. They exist well two unsuspected (or almost) allies of this disorder.

That the smoke it is bad for our body, in fact, it has been said many times, but did you know that by hindering normal oxygenation (and elimination of waste) it contributes significantly to the onset of water retention? But not only. Because even the sleep quality can have a negative impact (on a par withabuse of caffeine or alcoholic beverages). Sleeping little or badly, therefore, is never a good choice. Neither for the clarity that we could have the next day, nor to ensure beauty and health to our body.

smoke retention

As we have seen, therefore, the causes that influence the onset of water retention are many and all different. But knowing the enemy is a huge advantage to be able to do so prevent and fight. It is enough to learn to live in a more balanced way and understand that the beauty of the body (and not only that) always starts from within. And from theblackberries with which you take care of yourself.

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