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Gabi Fresh

Pantacourt means short pants and, in this piece, it takes that name also for remembering a short pantalona. In general, it has a modeling that is looser on the body, bringing comfort and versatility to the looks. Next, check out several inspirations for looks with her!

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Printed pantacourt pants: pure charm!

Colors always give a look up, adding even more personality to it. If you love prints, get inspired by the following looks:

1. The printed pantacourt pants brings liveliness

Gabi Fresh

2. Works with both plain and printed tops

Willow Curves

3. And why not abuse the floral print?

Willow Curves

4. Combine it with neutral colored pieces to highlight the print

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5. You can invest in more discreet prints

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6. Has something for everyone

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7. And it can even look sophisticated!

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Pantacourt jeans: say goodbye to skinny pants!

Who likes comfort, but still does not give up jeans, need to try jeans pantacourt. With it, you can combine the pieces you already use on a daily basis, but with a much more cozy touch. Check it out:

8. Jeans are malleable


9. And it goes great with blazers and scarves


10. You can choose colorful and vibrant jeans

Aisha crystal

11. Or jeans dyed white and tighter at the waistband

Rayza Nicácio

12. Whatever the option, it is a hit

Fluvia Lacerda

13. It brings a lot of convenience for busy days

Rochelle Johnson

14. And it's great even for use at home!

Thais Farage

Striped pantacourt pants for sophisticated looks

Whether it's stripes on the fabric or the print, the striped pantacourt pants bring even more symmetry and elegance to the look. Check out the options to compose yours:

15. A warm striped fabric to stay at home

Lu Ferreira

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16. Or a striped pantacourt all chic to go out?

Lu Ferreira

17. A woman with her pantacourt + all star does not want war with anyone

Lu Ferreira

18. And when the pants are the perfect combination of the top?

Lu Ferreira

19. Checkered pantacourt is pure charm, isn't it?

Lu Ferreira

20. What about this suede pantacourt for the coldest days?

Fluvia Lacerda

21. Abuse the stripes, colors and rock the look!

Rochelle Johnson

Smooth pantacourt pants: the most darling of all!

The favorite of women and the most used out there: the smooth pantacourt pants with several options of fabrics and colors. It goes for bolder, elegant or simple looks. It's a wildcard in the wardrobe!

22. How about an emerald green to break the monotony?


23. Stripped shirts can also be stylish with these pants!

Carolina Hellal

24. You can combine pantacourt with sneakers

The Closet Moth

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25. With colorful moccasins

Carole Tanenbaum

26. Or that flashy high heel

Maria Eduarda Rodrigues

27. There are options with lighter fabrics


28. That are super comfortable in the body

Kylier McKinnon

29. Or more social, perfect for work


30. See how fabric already gives another look to the look


31. Can make you more cuddly

Lu Ferreira

32. Or more closed and cool

Lu Ferreira

33. Smooth pantacourt is almost always synonymous with sophistication

Sara Crampton

34. Even with transparent tops

Gabi Fresh

35. Or more vibrant tones

Rochelle Johnson

36. She always stands out for the fine cut

Rochelle Johnson

37. And adapts to all styles

Denise Bidot

38. Be the one composed of four different colors

Willow Curves

39. Or monochrome

Danielle Vanier

40. Choose your favorite options and compose amazing looks!

Mariana Kalil

Pantacourt pants are perfect for various occasions, aren't they? In addition, it combines style, comfort and is super versatile. How about making your looks even better with cropped top ideas? Read the article and get inspired!

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