40 looks to fall in love with this combination


Victoria Rocha

By Juliana Almeida

On 08.02.21

Two pieces that create an amazing look is the dress with combat boots! The boot goes with absolutely everything and if you’re looking for inspiration from him with dresses, here you’ll find 40 amazing combinations! Check it out below.

1. The heeled boot looks beautiful with ties at the waist

Jacy Carvalho

2. This shoe is also a great match for overlapping pieces

Camilla de Lucas

3. Transform that simple dress with a boot on the feet

Annabelle Fleur

4. Create looks completely the same color

Thassia Ships

5. Short dresses with combat boots create a style with a lot of power

Annabelle Fleur

6. And the slit midi with the boot will make you even more glamorous

Halabi peace

7. You can also innovate by creating a dress with that shirt

Angela Giakas

8. Dress with subtle print and overlay + combat boot

Angela Giakas

9. Get stylish in a basic dress and low-top boot

Venessa Kaufman

10. Long sleeve dress also creates amazing style with combat boots

Thassia Ships

11. And if you’re cold, a cap will also make you amazing

Negin Mirsalehi

12. The long boot with a beautiful dress delights wherever you go

Maria Turiel Soler

13. Match your tulle dress with a combat boot and hit it off

Negin Mirsalehi

14. Any color will look great with your boot

Thassia Ships

15. Prints will renew your boot, whatever size it is

Negin Mirsalehi

16. And the all black combination? Classic and perfect!

Lala Noleto

17. Ruffled dress with combat boots? Cute and super stylish

Danielle Bernstein

18. The tractor makes a difference in the look, right?

Allison Teng

19. Vibrant color accessories can make your look even more striking

Alle Toneli

20. No matter what your print looks like, it will look beautiful!

Thainá Amancio

21. Want something really bold? Long dress with blazer and combat boot

Pamella Ferrari

22. Your combat boot can match accessories

Ana Cristina

23. Can match your dress details

Layla Monteiro

24. And the idea is beautiful for pregnant women too!

Gabi Brandt

25. Go wherever you want with these two trendy items

Ana Cristina

26. Tie the jacket around the waist and create a beautiful effect

Victoria Rocha

27. Use your varnished boot to give your feet more attention

Gio Serrano

28. And of course depending on the dress, your look will be cute!

Ana Cristina

29. Or you will be very sexy and charming

Julia Rodrigues

30. Combine these two items to feel wonderful, ok?

Kellie Brown

31. Well, amazing, you already are!

Ana Cristina

32. The white boot also matches many dresses

Gio Serrano

33. And this classic? White on black creates a flawless look

Kellie Brown

34. Want to go to parties wearing a combat boot? Feel free

Nadia Aboulhos

35. And that green military jacket will harmonize the all black

Ana Cristina

36. Harmonize your production by matching the top and bottom color

Gio Serrano

37. And the more you access the color of the dress, the more beautiful the look is

Kia Marie

38. These two pieces combined are a charm

Stephanie Villa

39. Look at this short dress with long tops? Perfect, right?

Gio Serrano

40. Even more perfect will you be daring with these two pieces

Victoria Rocha

Did you like the composition of dress with combat boots? You will rock wherever you go with these two pieces. Want dress with boot tips? Learn to match your dresses with any boots you have at home.

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