40 looks + 5 tutorials for you to stay in fashion


Arisa Suzuki

Beautiful and timeless, the women’s pullover is that kind of piece that everyone has kept in the back of the closet and that, from time to time, it comes back with everything! How about investing in such a beautiful and versatile outfit to create super stylish winter looks? Here are some ideas for inspiration and tutorials for making your own women’s pullover at home.

40 pictures of looks with women’s pullovers for you to squander sophistication

Looking for ideas to wear your women’s pullover? Check out different looks for all tastes and styles below:

1. The women’s pullover is a piece that never goes out of style

Alice Catherine

2. After all, he’s super charming and versatile

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3. Those who like more elegant looks can play in this piece

Sarah Mantelin

4. And invest in different models

Mary (Cat)

5. Innovate and throw a lot around

Luísa Rezende França

6. How about turning the classic into something more modern?

Luiza Schiavini

7. Perfect for uniting the best of both worlds

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8. The result is a spectacular look

Luiza Schiavini

9. You can vary the clothes

Thrift Store Purple Hanger

10. The skirts give that extra charm

Jenn Im

11. And make the look younger


12. Even with a collegiate footprint

Veronica Hengstmann Nickel

13. A detail on the sleeve can make a difference

charlotte kuhrt

14. Jeans, on the other hand, are also a classic

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15. And it makes the basics more fun

Aline Kupty

16. Bet on this versatile and beautiful piece

Giselle Santoro de Castro

17. Combine the women’s pullover with a collared shirt

Aline Tabata

18. The white shirt is the most common

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19. Because it’s more neutral and it’s quite wild

Marcela Costa

20. How about creating a colorful look?

Aline Kupty

21. Play and look even more beautiful!

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22. For the more classic ones, the earthy tones are great

Petiteellie | Ellie May

23. Or black and white

Arisa Suzuki

24. The coldest days call for warm clothes


25. Accompanied by a beautiful comfortable women’s pullover

Loves Cloths

26. The half season also matches this piece

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27. In other words, it is ideal for the whole year


28. It’s worth using even in the summer

Karol Miranda

29. The tip is to bet on colors

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30. In different pullover prints

Francis Lola

31. And unleash creativity

Alice Catherine

32. Perfect for those who love to be always inventing fashion

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33. It’s worth rummaging through grandma’s closet to retrieve a vintage pullover

Aline Kupty

34. Or give the one you want in the thrift stores in your city


35. Because you’ll definitely find a model that suits you


36. Then just enjoy the clothes you already have at home

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37. To create multiple looks with overlay


38. Remember that what really matters is being happy

Ligia Waisel

39. And feeling comfortable

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40. Revealing the true diva you are!


Did you like the ideas? The tip is to invest in more classic pieces and make different combinations, whether with blouses underneath, coats, skirts, pants or even dresses. If you really like to innovate, bet on different colors and even bolder prints!

How to make a women’s pullover

Now, if you want to make your own clothes, be sure to check out the selection of tutorials below that teach you step-by-step how to sew the classic women’s pullover:

How to make easy women’s pullover

Never made a pullover and not knowing where to start? No problem! With this video, you learn how to make a very basic and very beautiful model. In it, dear Patrícia Hagemann teaches you the right step by step of this timeless and stylish piece!

Crochet women’s pullover

Anyone who loves crochet can’t miss this tutorial! Made in two colors, it is a great bet for colder days, as it is warm and very comfortable. The tip for the piece to be very soft is to bet on a quality material. Watch the video and see the details.

Women’s knitting pullover

If you are passionate about knitting, check out this Rosely Biolada video! With super cool tips, she teaches you how to make a beautiful women’s pullover without complications. You can take the opportunity to sell the piece or give it to your friends!

How to make a pied de poule women’s pullover

Super high, the women’s pullover with pied de poule print is charming and perfect to wear with a white blouse underneath. The classic model is black and white, but you can also dare and invest in different colors, like pink and green. It looks beautiful!

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful piece, isn’t it? Enjoy and see how to wear berets to look even more stylish!

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