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The checkered blazer returned with everything to the wardrobe of fashion bloggers. Famous in the 80s and 90s, this stripped and serious piece at the same time started to gain prominence again on the catwalks and profiles of Instagram. So, check out a little more about it and get inspired for your next look!

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10 plaid blazer options to buy and rock in photos

Fashion is constantly evolving, so there are pieces that enter and leave the scene. But timeless clothes, like the checkered blazer, are always present in looks and fashion shows. Having a piece of this present in the wardrobe is always a good idea, especially in times when there is doubt about what to wear. See models to buy:

1. The blazer, by itself, is a classic piece

Buy at Dafiti

2. That can be serious and rigid

Buy at C&A

3. But the right accessories add a special touch

Buy at Marisa

4. Assemble the look with casual pieces

Buy at Posthaus

5. Count on the various styles of blazer available

Buy at Zattini

6. From the longest model

Buy at C&A

7. The most tight and tight in the body

Buy at Posthaus

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8. The checkered blazer can be found in many colors

Buy at Posthaus

9. Red has won the hearts of bloggers a lot

Buy at Dafiti

10. But, if you’re starting now, bet on black

Buy at Marisa

Whether your style is more romantic or more stripped, the plaid blazer can match everything, so bet on it to be able to transform a simple look into something completely different. This piece has many advantages and having one at hand is a great idea, especially on those days when we want to change the look with a touch.

30 plaid blazer photos to inspire your next look

The checkered blazer has several styles: from maxi pieces to the shortest, from the most classic colors to the most daring. So, you can combine this piece with several others – whether with a dress, skirt, pants, sneakers or heels. Everything will depend on you and the message you want to convey with your clothes. Check it out:

1. Bet on the checkered blazer for a classic look


2. And highly stylish


3. There are several options of possible combinations with the blazer

Ines Tazi

4. If you want a more stripped-down look

Thanya W.

5. Bet on compositions with jeans

Katherine Bond

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6. That make the look more casual and relaxed

Laura Tilley

7. This combination is great for going to work

Kalila Leão

8. Another way to make it casual is by combining with a sweatshirt


9. Mixing classic with street style

Nina Lea Caine

10. If you want to get out of your comfort zone, try daring in the colors

Patricia | Daily Outfit Inspo

11. Choosing different shades for the checkered blazer

Rachel Martino

12. Can be done with subtle touches of red

Sophie Knight

13. Or going to a sweeter side, with the pink

Maria J | Petite Style Blogger

14. Even in blue, this piece looks amazing


15. The checkered blazer may have a more elongated cut


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16. Which makes the body slimmer


17. But lately the cropped style has even come to the blazer

Negin Mirsalehi

18. Using chess from head to toe is another way to compose the look

Chloe Rose

19. Using the same style of blazer print on other pieces

Petiteelliee | Ellie May

20. This is a bombastic and widely used combination

Taylor Hage

21. Therefore, it can be a great option for several events


22. Don’t put accessories aside when creating the look


23. Bags are great complements

Emma Hill

24. Giving a special touch to the look


25. If you want a romantic look, combine the blazer with a dress

Holly May Murphy

26. It is an infallible pair!

Anastasia Ferreira

27. These are some ways to put together an amazing look with a blazer

Ani Margarian

28. For sure, they will inspire you to have this item in your wardrobe

Kate Hutchins

29. There are countless possibilities to discover


30. All hidden in one piece!

Raissa Silva

As you noticed, there are a multitude of styles to be created with the checkered blazer. Therefore, bet on the use of bold accessories to modernize this timeless and classic piece. The plaid print is well known, but have you heard of the pied de poule? Learn more about it and see how to use it!

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