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Rachel Iwanyszyn 🌙

by Rebecca Ribeiro

On August 24, 21

Do you know the indie look? Emerging in the 90s, the indie style originated in the independent music movement and over time expanded into the fashion world. For being comprehensive, indie has gained many followers over the years and has returned to the spotlight today. So, check out how to join this fashion and get inspired with 50 photos that show what the indie look is all about.

10 indie-style clothes to buy and enjoy this fashion

Indie fashion has as its main feature the freedom to assemble looks as you prefer. Moving between boho and rock styles, indie is composed of basic, alternative clothes and always with a personal touch. Therefore, adopting the indie look is simpler than it seems so, check out some pieces that can compose your style.

1. The indie look can have an alternative footprint

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2. Or a little more for boho

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3. However, t-shirts and jeans are a must in this style

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4. Being able to make an overlay with a dress

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5. Use creativity and attitude to give an indie feel

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6. The jeans with patches and heavy fit very well

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7. However, you can bet on something more delicate

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8. Anyway the main thing is to be you

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9. Give your personality down to the smallest detail

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10. And don’t forget to have a lot of attitude to rock

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Full of attitude and boldness, the indie look inspires a new generation of influencers to bet on this style. Therefore, there are several ways to fit this fashion into your daily life, whether with specific pieces or even accessories.

40 photos of indie looks to inspire you

Despite being hard to define, the indie look is easy to put together. In addition, by moving between two well-defined styles such as hippie and rock, indie gives the possibility to add varied elements to the look. So, check out some modern indie look inspirations for you to try out.

1. Indie style has a hippie/boho feel

Rachel Iwanyszyn

2. But it also has strong roots in the laid-back and alternative


3. Possessing a fine line with alternative rock

Rachel Iwanyszyn 🌙

4. The secret to the indie look starts at the basics


5. And rock in wild items such as denim jackets


6. Also bet on different parts and accessories


7. Hats and glasses help to create a certain attitude in the look

Cahleigh🔮| Vegan🌱| Brooklyn✌🏻

8. Also, boots are the hit of indie

Sophie Seddon

9. Boldness is essential when creating your style

Mickylene Thin

10. And you don’t need a lot to create an amazing look

𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐒𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐚🥀

11. A t-shirt and jeans can already get the message across

Akay silk

12. By the way, jeans are a great partner of the indie look

Rayza Nicacio

13. Indie is about getting out of the ordinary


14. Creating your own modern style

Halabi Peace | dress maker

15. You can explore simple elements


16. To fit this style into your daily life

Paola “Pao Pao” Mathé 🇭🇹

17. Making the most suitable look for your reality

Cynthia Andrew

18. The indie look is about independence

Jacqueline Zelwis

19. And breaking patterns

Kia Marie

20. Even in the small details

Chiara Ferragni ✨

21. Therefore, always add a lot of attitude when going out


22. Indie has several lines, one more rockier

Amanda Mendes

23. One more boho-oriented

OPAL | NYC Blogger

24. Another approaching street style

Kellie Brown

25. And now, the one that is most modern and created by influencers


26. Bloggers bet on vintage style t-shirts

Alicia Roddy

27. Pants with more retro cuts


28. Or any piece with an older style


29. That’s why the indie look has casual clothes

Maria Gabriela Santos

30. With prints or patches that differentiate the piece


31. Every time you put on the look, think of the 90s


32. But give it a modern and personal look


33. Dresses also have space in this style


34. And it helps to have specific accessories

Thassia Ships

35. That complete the look gracefully


36. Indie style is free and fun


37.Give your touch by making your personality stand out

analysis. 🌙

38. There’s no mystery about being a part of indie fashion


39. The rule in indie is to have no rules at all

Kate Brock

40. Enjoy and assemble different looks with your identity

Amanda Marie

Regardless of the piece, the indie look strives for the freedom to be what you want. That’s why he returns with such force on social networks and in bloggers’ wardrobes. So, bet on this style to express who you are. Plus, complete the look with some killer indie nail inspirations.

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