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By Karyne Santiago

On July 13, 21

Comfortable, beautiful and versatile are some of the characteristics of loungewear. With the idea of ​​going from the sofa to dinner, the style is unique and manages to unite the traditionalism of tailoring to light and cozy fabrics like a hug. Want to know more? So, come check out some amazing suggestions from this trend!

What is loungewear?

Created in the United States in mid-2008, loungewear emerged in the midst of the financial crisis. Well, with less money, the American population needed to save on spending on fashion and entertainment, which made stylists creatively rethink how to help customers. The solution was to create beautiful, versatile, basic pieces and even with tailoring seams, which could make consumers move from home to the street without looking messy.

With light fabrics with a soft touch such as silk, knits, wool, tricot, velvet and sweatshirt, the pieces usually have a loose fit, which does not mark the silhouette. The designs can be from the simplest to the most complex, but never uncomfortable, which makes it easy to use in the daily life of those who are at home, but don’t want to continue in their pajamas all day. In addition, the pieces are simple and bring a touch of elegance, which allows them to be used for a walk, a dinner, a meeting with friends and even in workplaces that do not have strict dress codes.

40 photos of loungewear looks for those who don’t give up comfort when dressing up

Being well dressed and feeling comfortable is definitely the best of both worlds. And it was thinking about this that we separated these incredible models of inspiration. Check it out below and get ready to come up with great ideas for perfect looks!

1. With pieces full of style and attitude


2. Combining tailoring and laid-back style


3. You can rock at home with this beautiful tricot dress in loungewear style.

thaysslessa | Buy at Amaro

4. Loungewear is here to stay!

cinderella lie

5. Style and warmth can now be part of your daily life

juferraz | Shop at Maria Filó

6. How about this super stylish and colorful loose jumpsuit?

Farmhouse | Shop at Farm Rio

7. Comfortable, essential and beautiful


8. The look combines fashion with warmth in a unique way


9. Made to stay at home without looking messy


10. And also to go out without having to change clothes


11. With a chic, laid-back feel, you’ll have the best of both worlds

shop2gether | Buy at shop2gether

12. The style looks great in more neutral tones like white, beige and brown


13. And also the most colorful ones like the one in the photo


14. In addition, the fabrics are the most varied, always retaining the comfortable touch


15. This fleece set is perfect, don’t you think?


16. And what do you think of this sweatshirt with a monochromatic footprint?


17. Oh, and make no mistake! The look can even be simple


18. Like a very loose set


19. A sneaker with a different grip, gives another face to the style


20. And heeled shoes bring a touch of sophistication

relax soft

21. It doesn’t matter if the look will have a more vibrant color like this wonderful nap dress

blogbeautyinfocus | Buy at YouCom

22. Monochromatic like this little black look, nothing basic

storesrenner | Buy at Renner

23. Another interesting factor in loungewear is the union of different pieces


24. Like this plush coat with a sports pants


25. Or, for example, a pajama shirt, which makes up the look very well


26. And even full pajamas!


27. Take a look at this beautiful knitting set

amaro | Buy at Amaro

28. With wild pieces you can assemble amazing looks


29. And full of personality


30. So, unleash your creativity and let your imagination run free


31. And if you love sweatpants, you’ll love the thousands of loungewear-style models

pripoka23 | Shop at Posthaus

32. Follow your fashion instinct


33. Get into comfort and coziness fashion

storesrenner | Buy at Renner

34. Indulge in this trend


35. And choose the models that most suit you


36. Get dressed and feel good at home, on a walk or at work


37. The only rule for the use of loungewear is clear


38. And feel beautiful and well dressed anywhere and anytime

dafiti | Shop at Dafiti

39. Be comfortable at all times


40. Without losing style!


Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean being disheveled, and fashion has demonstrated this through many new and different styles, such as sportswear, for example. Click on the link to check out new inspirations on how to combine comfort and elegance.

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