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Sorina Kelebek

by Rebecca Ribeiro

On 08.12.21

The animal print skirt is a piece that fits with various looks and can match any time of day! Be it jaguar, leopard, snake or any other species, animal prints are on the rise. So, get inspired by this style and check out 38 ideas on how to use this skirt in your routine.

8 animal print skirts to buy and have a fierce look

Short, long, pleated or midi, a skirt can convey a message depending on the combination in which it is worn. So check out 8 animal print skirt styles that can help you express yourself through fashion.

1. The animal print skirt models are the most varied

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2. From the jaguar print classic

Buy at C&A

3. That no matter the size, it gives an air of elegance

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4. Even the print of other animals

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5. Like the simple leopards

Buy at Renner

6. Or the most exotic snakes

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7. No matter the pattern or length of the skirt

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8. This style is great on anyone

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The animal print skirt is a piece that alone already conveys a lot of information, so give preference to using it with other elements without a print. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on a similar animal print at the top, for example. Use your creativity when combining the pieces and see if the style suits you.

30 photos of looks with animal print skirt to shake the animal kingdom

One of the frequent questions in the fashion world is how to use animal prints in everyday life. Many women have the desire to dare with this style, but feel insecure about betting on the piece. So, see 30 images that will help you to come up with ideas when putting together your own look.

1. The animal print skirt is a timeless trend

Marcela Marañon

2. That goes well with all styles

Coco pink

3. And you can match multiple pieces

Allie + Elle + Em 🌿

4. Be with sneakers and closed shoes

ṃѧяıѧ Ԁṃ

5. Or wearing delicate heels and sandals

Anna | Nashville Blogger

6. The animal print print gives you versatility

Breanne Tornquist

7. In addition to daring to try new styles

Christie | midsize style blog

8. There are several prints that make up the animal print

Sofia Arecco

9. There is the snake print


10. A with zebra style

Carrie – Fashion and Style

11. The classic leopard in the fashion world


12. And the leopard that has been gaining space


13. Also, there are several styles of skirt

Israel Emad

14. The shortest and most causal

Sorina Kelebek

15. The midi with a straighter cut

Patricia | Daily Outfit Inspo

16. Side slit and lighter

Katherine Bond

17. The most fluid and fluttering skirt


18. Even the long animal print skirt


19. So putting together a look with the animal print skirt is amazing


20. There are several possible ideas for different places

Deirdre Phelan 💛

21. You can wear it on a fancy social occasion

In 🤍

22. Or in more casual environments

Rochelle Johnson

23. A quick outing for a walk

Trendy Curvy

24. And even to tour the city

Allison Teng | curvy girl chic

25. Anyway, the animal print highlights the look


26. Being great for getting out of the basics

Erica Furtado

27. Bet on this iron touch for your routine

Prieto Stibariz

28. You will definitely fall in love in this piece

Cristina Cerqueiras

29. Because the animal print skirt brings incredible energy

Iran Rodriguez

30. And it will give you a lot of confidence in yourself

⚡️Helena Cueva⚡️

Therefore, the animal print skirt is a great idea to get out of the rut with your clothes. Through it you can be more classic or more daring, but always in fashion. So enjoy and see some ideas for looks with a skirt for you to be inspired to put together amazing styles

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