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A simple piece can make all the difference in the look, and the pink blazer is a good example of this. Modern, elegant and very versatile, it combines superbly with the most varied looks: from simpler proposals for everyday life to a more elaborate assembly for a special occasion. Be sure to check out the ideas we have separated for you!

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8 pink blazers to make your wardrobe full of glamor

Classic pieces are always undergoing reinvention, and the blazer is proof of that: there are several models that occasionally get new prints, different colors and fabrics. If you follow the fashion trends, for sure, you have already seen some look with the charming pink blazer! How about including this beautiful piece in your wardrobe? See models to buy:

1. The blazer is a classic piece

Buy at C&A

2. No matter what model

Buy at C&A

3. The hue

Buy at A.Brand

4. Or the different mix of prints

Buy at Farfetch

5. What we do know is that a pink blazer goes with everything

Buy at Farfetch

6. Goes well with a different skirt

Buy at Farfetch

7. Or with looser shorts

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8. The combination is up to you!

Buy at Dafiti

With so many beautiful blazers, it’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? You can take advantage of the variety of models available on the market and assemble the look according to your mood of the day. Trust, play and rock anytime!

30 photos of pink blazer that show all the power that this piece brings

Are you dying to have a pink blazer, but don’t know how to wear it? So be sure to check out these wonderful tips to get inspired and use on different occasions, combinations and styles. It has a blazer for everything you like: from more classic ideas to megamodern looks. Just look:

1. Throw yourself in the pink blazer for a stripped look

Ingrid Wilkinson

2. Fun for any occasion

Celine. s

3. Bet on combinations with dark pants


4. That give that prominence to the piece


5. A black boot also gives a look up

Ashlee Vann

6. Just like a superdifferent and modern flat shoe


7. What matters is to be happy with the look


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8. And ready to rock every day


9. Be in a more formal meeting

Ruthie Staalsen

10. To rock at night

Lorena Chavez Delion

11. Or take a walk around


12. And don’t be afraid to play in different tones

Nicole Green

13. From a lighter one


14. Even that good “arrived”


15. Different prints? We also have


16. A timeless chess like this is guaranteed success


17. Or a detail with black


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18. Speaking of details, buttons are always a charm

Deborah Zandonna

19. And give a good value on the piece


20. Two are enough to differentiate the blazer

Olivia Rose Davies

21. In the same shade as the fabric, it looks beautiful and discreet


22. The gold one gives more emphasis


23. Do you know what also highlights the piece? A beautiful look underneath

Diletta Orlandi

24. Which can be more elegant

Charlotte Louise

25. And go with a really long blazer

Tamara Mirić

26. This is up to you and your taste

Gabrielle Comandulli

27. It goes very much according to your will of the day


28. So invest in models that are your face

Emilly Lourrany

29. Be ready to receive many compliments

Dé Fernandes

30. And embrace the diva in you!

Marsais Urban

Did you see how easy it is to be elegant and versatile with a simple pink blazer? And, if you want to dare even more, the tip is to check out this impeccable selection of red blazer!

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