35 photos that prove the versatility of the piece


Yasmim Stevam

The looks with tailoring pants are more and more varied… and stylish! To help you rock with the piece that is super hot, we separated tips and photos of visuals that are total inspiration. Follow!

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What is tailoring pants

As the name suggests, tailoring pants were initially made by tailors. They were designed especially for men and focused on a more serious look. However, currently, the female audience has been successful with the piece, which is no longer necessarily sewn by hand.

In general, we can characterize tailoring pants as those with a more structured and full-bodied fabric, different from social pants in this aspect, which is generally lighter fabrics.

10 tailoring pants to buy right now

If you are looking for a model to call your own, enjoy the sequence of products! One is more beautiful than the other!

1. The model and tone of the pants vary according to your taste

Buy at Animale

2. There are wider models on the bar

Buy at C&A

3. And the little ones

Buy at Renner

4. Off white is a great option

Buy at Posthaus

5. This is for those who like lighter colors

Buy at Farfetch

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6. And the black classic wouldn’t be left out, right?

Buy at Off Premium

7. Prints are welcome for a happy and fun look

Buy at the Farm

8. This one is a versatile and stylish piece

Buy at Youcom

9. Choose your favorite

Buy at Zattini

10. And invest in tailoring pants!

Buy at Renner

Difficult to choose, isn’t it? The important thing is to bet on the option that makes your style, so you will be beautiful and comfortable without effort! Next, learn to combine your little piece!

25 photos of tailoring pants to put together that ruffle look

Now, you will discover different ways to compose a look with the tailoring piece. Follow the tips, pay attention to inspirations and be successful!

1. There are legal options for work


2. And only with one detail you guarantee a more fun footprint

Rafaella Kalimann

3. The combination of tailoring pants + blazer is right

Yasmim Stevam

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4. This is for those who want to invest in colors

Francis Lola

5. Look how you don’t need a lot to impress

Luisa Accorsi

6. Pay attention to the pants model too

Stella Adewunmi

7. This is basic… and still stylish!

Thássia Naves

8. We already have a beautiful pantacourt here

Consuelo Blocker

9. All are breathtaking


10. The classic plaid gets another face with a belt and a sandal

Thássia Naves

11. And this pastel tone made the work look more informal

Ju Romano

12. The prints also work to remove the formality of the look

Stella Adewunmi

13. For everything for this pantaloon!

Ellen v Lora

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14. Combine tailoring pants with a shirt for something casual

Julia Rodrigues

15. And with a tennis, there’s no mistake

Rafaella Kalimann

16. Seriously, how much style!

Amanda Mendes

17. With birken can you? Of course yes!

Gabriela Sales

18. This is for anyone who thought that tailoring only worked in corporate environments

Aimee Song

19. In fact, it is synonymous with versatility

Magá Moura

20. Ideal for events …

Rafaella Kalimann

21. Of all styles!

Carla m Ortiz

22. She is elegant and stylish in the right measure


23. So you already know, right?

Stella Adewunmi

24. To bet on tailoring is to hit the nail on the head

Luisa Accorsi

25. And shine in any corner!

Juliana Pimentel

What are you waiting for to throw on your tailoring pants? Unleash your creativity and play with the formality of the piece in a more stripped-down look. If you’re into the vibe of more structured pieces, you need to take a look at these plaid blazer ideas!

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