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Meet the best trends in eye makeup and learn the ways to make up the eye step by step, simple eye makeup, professional eye makeup, even ways to make up the eye with glitter that I am sure you will love.

30 ways to make up the eye to be the protagonist of your makeup

If you want to be the prettiest in the February festivities, or tomorrow that is February 14, let me share some ideas and proposals for eye makeup that you will love and will help you create very different looks at the time of makeup There are more than 30 ways in which you can make up your eyes so that they become the protagonists of your makeup. Whether day or night you will find proposals that adapt perfectly to your look, I hope you like the ideas I found to share you.

Eyeliners with glitter what's new in makeup 2017

In previous post I shared with you a trend that is being very imitated, it is about eye makeup with glitter eyeliners, because in the gallery you will see more proposals like these, you will also see how many styles of eye makeup add shadows with a lot of texture and brightness, of course there are tastes to tastes and if you prefer something more neutral you will also find some ideas like this. The eyeliner is key in a good eye makeup, you choose how thick it will be and if it will be black, brown that is perfect for the day or some color. Do not forget to add eyelashes if makeup requires this will give you more drama and also your look will be more penetrating.

I invite you to look at the gallery that I prepared here below so that you see one by one the proposed makeup styles that you have to try, I hope you like all the examples very much and that you can put them into practice soon, make the protagonists in your eyes of your makeup and be the prettiest ever. Do not forget to share the gallery with family and friends who you think may be interested in the subject.

Trend in eye makeup

Ways to make up the eye step by step

Simple eye makeup

Professional eye makeup

Ways to make up the eye with glitter

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