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Nothing more fun than a different, colorful and mega original accessory, right? And for those who are always on the lookout for news, biscuit earrings are a great choice, as they are versatile, modern and combine with various styles and looks. Want to see it? So, check out the full story about this fever:

30 photos of biscuit earrings that are a charm

Not sure which biscuit earrings to choose? Smoothly! We’ve separated 30 very different images for you to check and look for inspiration. It has from earrings in the shape of food, to versions of cute and very friendly animals. He doubts? So, just take a look:

1. Biscuit earrings have a super-young vibe

Ana banana

2. Because they are colorful, fun and very different


3. But what matters is style and not age, huh!


4. So, how about getting inspired by beautiful models?

Nana accessories

5. With this accessory, you can compose a more laid-back look

Inverted Store

6. Or very modern


7. It has classic options, such as a beautiful flower

Differentiated Accessories

8. Even amazing models like this papaya


9. Did you get hungry? Is there a pizza there?


10. Or do you prefer a candy?

Inverted Store

11. Donuts are on the rise

Inverted Store

12. Just like Japanese food


13. There’s even fried egg!

Nana accessories

14. Anyone who is a fan of drawing will love a model like this

Queila Araújo

15. Or this one, from Sailor Moon

Inverted Store

16. Earrings for gamers?

Nana accessories

17. We do, of course!

Cow Candy

18. The pet moms will love it too


19. Just like the mothers of plants

single resin

20. The idea is to play in formats, colors and models

Now or Never Earrings & More

21. Because one is cuter than the other

biju rainbow

22. And, of course, original

Ana banana

23. Choose the piece that matches your style

Arteverse – Fernanda

24. And don’t be afraid to dare


25. After all, a different accessory is guaranteed success

Ana banana

26. Ready to innovate on the look?

aluapart store | accessories

27. So choose your favorite models

Livia Biscuit Store

28. And throw yourself in this fun fashion

Queila Araújo

29. Because the important thing is to be happy

Beads by Bia

30. And feeling radiant with your biscuit earrings

Nana accessories

As you can see, there is no shortage of biscuit earring models for you to choose and create a very beautiful and modern look. Choose your favorites and start a fun collection!

Where can you buy materials to make biscuit earrings

How about starting your own biscuit earring production? With cheap materials, you can make beautiful pieces and even start a shop! Next, we’ve separated the basics you need to have on hand, ranging from rings, to brush and, of course, biscuit dough. Check out:

  1. Biscuit dough at Shoptime
  2. Earring hook at Shoptime
  3. Brush at Shoptime
  4. White studio at Americanas
  5. Fabric ink at Americanas
  6. Varnish for handicrafts at Americanas

The tip is to start with simpler parts and models that are easy to work with. To save money, you can choose to buy the white biscuit and, from it, make other colors with fabric paints!

How to make biscuit earrings and rock the looks

Prefer to get your hands dirty and make your own earring? So, check out this selection of tutorials we’ve put together for you. It has from the most basic models, to very different versions that promise to be successful wherever you go!

How To Make Tumblr Biscuit Earrings

With a super youthful air, these Tumblr-style earrings are guaranteed success in any casual look. The video teaches how to make different models of this beautiful piece. It has versions of ice cream, even bijus de et!

How to Make Marshmallow Biscuit Earrings

Candy lovers will love this version of biscuit earrings! In this tutorial, you learn how to make a perfect marshmallow model to wear with colorful and cheerful clothes. It looks so cute it makes you want to eat!

How to Make Fried Egg Biscuit Earrings

Speaking of food, is there a fried egg? Anyone who likes to be daring can play in this different and very fun earring. And the coolest thing is that it is very economical, as only two colors of plasticine are used: white and yellow.

How to Make Duck Biscuit Earrings

Cuteness alert! Animal lovers will love this beautiful version of biscuit earrings. The chosen model is nothing more than a beautiful duckling, which is very easy to make. You just need to be extra careful when modeling the details, ok?

How to Make Flower Biscuit Earrings

For a more traditional model, the tip is to take a look at this video, which teaches how to make very cute flower biscuit earrings! Here, the petals used are pink and the center yellow, but you can use whatever color you prefer, ok?

There are so many cute options that it’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? And how about continuing in accessory fashion with these beautiful beaded bracelets?

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