30 photos, where to buy and how to make yours


Karol Miranda

Among the dress models, the trend of the moment is for sure the lastex dress. And so you don’t miss out on this trend, read on to find beautiful options to buy, as well as ideas for looks. Follow us!

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7 lastex dresses to call your own right now

The list of latex dresses to buy includes all styles. Want to find yours? Take a look!

1. It is worth betting on a long outfit

Buy at Renner

2. Or short for those who prefer

Buy at dafiti

3. This option is very charming

Buy at C&A

4. And the gypsy girl would not be left out, right?

Buy at lezalez

5. Look at that versatile dress!

Buy at Posthaus

6. This one has the lastex in the details

Buy at youcom

7. So, what’s your face the most?

Buy at C&A

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Can you choose your favorite? Invest in the lastex dress that has your style and be successful there!

30 photos of lastex dress to put together the best looks

Now it’s time to know how to match your piece! Follow the reading and become an expert in the composition of visuals with your dress!

1. The latex dress speaks for itself

Ju Romano

2. But choosing the right accessories makes all the difference

Karol Miranda

3. So, you can choose the footprint you want to give the look

Victoria Rocha

4. This one, for example, has a more sober look


5. This photo already has the grace of colors

Larissa Cunegundes

6. And speaking of colors, how about neon?

Edith Gomes

7. It is worth betting on a sexier look

Carla m Ortiz

8. Midi length is synonymous with versatility

Luisa Accorsi

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9. This short is the face of summer

Thássia Naves

10. Perfect for a daytime stroll!

Gabriela Sales

11. Ah, but the latex dress is also a hit in the winter


12. To do this, throw on an overlay and comfortable shoes

Nati Vozza

13. Feel the power of this composition!

Layla Monteiro Naoum

14. Look at the charm of this floral option

Allison Teng

15. The latex dress goes well with sneakers

Karol Miranda

16. Or with a sandal

Lalá Noleto

17. And it works even at events

Grece Ghanem

18. Incredible, isn’t it?

Luisa Accorsi

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19. You choose the style that the look will have

Larissa Cunegundes

20. This is a casual look inspiration

Jay Miranda

21. Just like this one

Steffany Borges

22. It is impossible not to fall in love with this composition!

Layla Monteiro Naoum

23. Do you prefer something more neutral

Chloe Griffin

24. Or is it one of those who love to dare?

Thássia Naves

25. The floral print adds a romantic touch


26. And black goes with everything


27. Look how beautiful this option is

Daisy Van Egmond

28. And what about this one?

Layla Monteiro Naoum

29. Anyway, the latex dress will win your love

Larissa Cunegundes

30. And it will make everything more fashion out there!

Victoria Rocha

Did you see how the play goes well with everything? Now that you know how to use your outfit, just throw yourself into the compositions and rock!

How to Make a Lastex Dress

If you want to make your own dress, follow the sequence of videos and learn how!

Short and straps lastex dress

Following the tutorial tips you learn how to make a beautiful dress, perfect to rock on hot days! Believe me, it is not difficult to do. Just look!

Lastex midi dress

Press play on the video and learn how to make a piece without molds, super simple and easy! Oh, and the result is impeccable! It is worth testing!

Lastex all over the dress

If you are looking for an option with lastex throughout the piece, take a look at this video! It is super glued to the body and the modeling falls superbly! You will only need to check the measurements and follow the steps in the tutorial.

Following these tips is not wrong, you will shine a lot with your latex dress! To make the look even better, how about combining it with a denim jacket?

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