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Isabella Dorothea Walls

By Nicole Dias


If you’re passionate about Pinterest, Tumblr and TikTok, you’ve probably come across aesthetic looks. They follow different trends, and it is possible to identify the elements that are part of each one of them. Do you want to understand this subject better? Continue reading this post!

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What are aesthetic looks?

Jay Charles

In a very simple way, “aesthetics” is a group of concepts that define an aesthetic. E-girl, for example, is an aesthetic that brings references to anime, gothic and a little punk culture. That is, a set of characteristics results in an aesthetic. Did you understand?

Aesthetics looks are nothing more than proposals for clothes, shoes and accessories within these different aesthetics. The cool thing is that currently there are several different ones, for all styles.

Types of aesthetic

Cottagecore, witchcore, lovecore, kidcore, dark academia and Y2K are some of the aesthetics that are strongest on social media – and in real life too, of course. Find out more about them:

Cottagecore aesthetic

Alyson Morgan

Simplicity, flowers, delicacy, nostalgia, outdoor life: it all has to do with the cottagecore aesthetics. When it comes to fashion, this trend presents light looks, floral prints, light tones and puffed sleeves.

Witchcore aesthetic

Selene and the moon

With a more gothic style, witchcore brings dark clothes and symbols that are related to witches, such as cat and moon prints. Long dresses, fluid pieces and transparency complete the proposal.

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Lovecore aesthetic

Brooke Styles

As the name suggests, this is the most romantic aesthetic of all. Prints of hearts and strawberries appear in the looks, which are usually composed of delicate pieces, with lace and puffed sleeves. Pink and red are part of the aesthetic.

Kidcore aesthetic

Elizabeth Whibley

Many colors, fun accessories and happy face print are part of the Kidcore movement. This aesthetic is the opposite of minimalism, as it makes combinations of prints and has many fun elements.

Y2K aesthetic

Natalie Cangueiro

Remember the trends that were most successful in the 2000s? So, they are the protagonists of the Y2K style – which means, literally, “year two thousand”. Bandanas, medium waist, white sneakers, outfits and croppeds are some of the aesthetic items.

Dark academia aesthetic


Think of a look that you would use to go and read poetry in a large library. The dark academy aesthetic has to do with art and literature. Shades of brown, plaid print and blazers are part of the looks, which usually have a more sober feel.

As you can see, aesthetics has a lot to do with personality. So it is important to know yourself well to understand which style suits you.

30 photos of aesthetic looks in different styles for you to be enchanted

Do you want to understand how to adhere to these different aesthetics? The looks below show that it is not at all complicated.

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1. Aesthetic looks allow for endless possibilities

Talitah Sampaio

2. Each aesthetic has its own characteristics

Nath Araújo

3. So it’s interesting to know more about them

Anna Winck

4. Starting with the joy of the kidcore aesthetic

Lil Ahenkan

5. Which is marked by colorful and cute items


6. The looks bring a 2000s proposal

Isabella Dorothea Walls

7. With bibs, embroidery and beads

Michelle Norris

8. The lovecore aesthetic is more romantic


9. And the color pink appears a lot in productions

Lau Lau

10. Just like the heart print

Talitah Sampaio

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11. And the print with strawberries

the silver lining 1970

12. Cottagecore aesthetics is about simplicity and nostalgia

Talitah Sampaio

13. Looks match outdoor walks

Chloe Griffin

14. And light colors predominate


15. With witchcore, the idea is to recreate modern witches


16. With beautiful flowing dresses

Leticia Vasconcelos

17. Too much black and transparencies

Saskia B.

18. Y2K is an aesthetic that brings inspirations from the 2000s


19. With an outside belly and pastel colors

Viih Tube

20. Without forgetting the charming pleated skirts

Natacha and Melanie

21. And a lot of color!

Giovanna Ferrarezi

22. The dark academy, on the other hand, is more sober

Alis book corner

23. The style is classic and exalts knowledge

Anastasia Ferreira

24. Combines with overlays, earthy tones and lots of charm

Alice Catherine

25. Without a doubt, there are aesthetic looks for all tastes

Camilla de Lucas

26. Now that you know the trends

Nath Araújo

27. It’s time to think about the look!

Nikki Apostolou

28. Choose the aesthetic that suits you

Lil Ahenkan

29. Pay attention to details

Ana Flavia

30. And rock with your aesthetic looks!


So, did you find any proposal that has everything to do with you? For sure you will destroy even more the aesthetics you choose. The important thing is to have fun and feel good in your chosen clothes!

More information about aesthetic looks for you to learn more

When it comes to fashion, information is never too much. In the videos below you can immerse yourself even more in the world of aesthetics. Check out:

How to discover your aesthetic style

What are your favorite colors? What do you believe in? Who do you identify with? What books and movies do you like? From a series of questions, Talitah Sampaio helps you find your style.

How to assemble aesthetic looks with simple pieces

Don’t blow your budget, that is, you don’t have to buy a thousand new clothes to create stylish looks. Watch the video and see how to use simple pieces to compose beautiful aesthetic looks.

Dark academy looks inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest can be a good place for you to find inspirations from different aesthetics looks. In this video, you will find ideas within the dark academy trend to compose your day-to-day looks.

Different aesthetics with used pieces

When it comes to style, you don’t have to fit into just an aesthetic. Press play and understand how to combine different elements to create different productions from thrift stores.

Do you want to know a little more about one of these styles that is successful on social networks? Check out this selection on aesthetics dark academy and embark on this universe!

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