30 photos for you to know this shoe full of personality


Kasey Jo

If you like fashion, you will love these inspirations of clogs. The shoe will make your look more interesting and can be used in several ways. Because it has a thicker heel, it also provides more comfort. Know a little more about him!

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What are clogs?

Translated from English, the word “clog” means clog. Its origin is Dutch and the base of the product was made with wood. At the front of the shoe, the toes and flat soles were present. Over the years, its upper part started to be made with leather, suede, tacks, prints and various fabrics. It was a remarkable piece in the 70s and 90s and has become a subject nowadays.

Where to buy clogs

Interested in this classic? Check out some stores with different styles of this product. Give him a chance and make his looks more impactful.

  • Renner Stores: If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, Renner has good options. Here, you also find comfortable options with lower heels.
  • Dafiti Store: If you are looking for a basic day-to-day option, you are in the right place. Clogs have wooden bases that are combined with versatile colors.
  • Shop2gether Store: These clogs will transform any look. The products are more elaborate and have applications of tariffs, strips and different fabrics.
  • Farfetch Store: It will be difficult to choose between these leather, suede and plaid options. In addition to several bold fabrics, you will also find unusual heels styles.
  • Shoestock Store: Jumping fans will love these options. They are quite tall and neutral in color, perfect for creating combinations. With an extra charm, the clogs have straps that tie around the ankle.

Regardless of the investment, the important thing is to have this product in the closet. The variety of models is wide and there is certainly one that matches your style.

30 photos of clogs that will show you why this shoe is on the rise

It is no coincidence that clogs have become a trend in the fashion world. They are practical, comfortable and do not go unnoticed in the look. Check out some beautiful compositions with this great shoe.

1. Clogs are wildcards

Kallee Belk

2. Neutral colors are perfect for looks with prints

Kasey Jo

3. Even in a subtle way, they elevate the level of any look

Brynne Anika

4. Neutral tones are synonymous with versatility

Kallee Belk

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5. And they also bring a feeling of comfort

Cindi Yang

6. They are perfect to be worn with jeans

Beauty Love and Grub

7. And create stunning casual looks

Bohemian Daydreamer

8. It is a shoe that brings elegance

Alysa Maebeck

9. But it can also be used sparingly


10. It has everything to do with basic clothes

Valentina Marzullo

11. And the little black dress allows for a multitude of combinations


12. Like this look with a more “rock” feel

Sabrina Stern

13. But if you like folk style more, take a look at this composition

Windy Peak Vintage

14. It is very practical to use in the winter

Laura Supnik

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15. And has fresh versions for the summer

Oshow Style

16. Looks charming with overalls


17. And also a hit with overcoat

Maria Satinsky

18. It is an easy product to combine with different clothes in the closet


19. Ideal for those who like a more vintage style

windy peak vintage

20. You can include it in everyday looks

Mirey Ajivi

21. Whether open or closed, it is a great choice

Oshow Style

22. Suede clog is a sure choice

Kristine Gardner

23. It can have strip details


24. Or be smooth

Bohemian Daydreamer

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25. The printed clogs are authentic

Abby Pendergrast

26. And full of personality


27. Is an easy to wear shoe with sock

Elle Apostroph

28. And this combination is superfashion

See Non Justine

29. Regardless of model or material


30. That shoe deserves your attention

Laura supnik

There will be plenty of occasions for you to use clogs. You can already see that the piece is a great investment. And for women who love different shoes, also meet these beautiful models of creepers.

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