30 photos and step by step to enter the trend


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Anyone who thinks that sweatpants are just for staying at home needs to check out the tie-dye sweatshirt-inspired list we've put together! It is a piece that combines style and comfort! Keep up with us and see how to wear and how to make your tie-dye sweatshirt!

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30 tie-dye sweatshirt photos that are a hit

Take a look at these inspirations to stay on top of the trend and bet on a look full of comfort, but without losing its charm!

1. If you value comfort, invest in the tie-dye sweatshirt

Julia Rodrigues

2. And can be used on several occasions

Mari Gonzalez

3. Conjuntinhos are devastating

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4. And super practical!

Thássia Naves

5. The tones you choose

Julie Sariñana

6. One is more beautiful than the other

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7. If you like to dare, be inspired by this composition

Magá Moura

8. You can bet on an option full of colors

Gabriela Sales

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9. Or in a combination you like best

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10. The important thing is to feel beautiful!

Elisa Barreto W W

11. And at ease, of course

Ale Prado

12. Play in this trend!

Paola Antonini

13. The tie-dye sweatshirt has no mistake

Mariana Peixoto

14. Is versatile and stylish

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15. Look how funny these pants are


16. But your sweatshirt can be shorts, why not?

Carla m Ortiz

17. Lengths vary

Bielo Pereira

18. How about combining your tie-dye sweatshirt with a denim skirt?

Angelica Lins

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19. If you love a neutral look, look at these inspirations

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20. In this look, the jacket adds a special touch

Francis Lola

21. Here, the sweatshirt is the protagonist of the composition

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22. You are in charge!

Natasha Ndlovu

23. Choose between different models and colors

Marina Peixoto

24. The black tie-dye sweatshirt is booming!

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25. And it's very versatile

Nathália Dutra de Souza

26. Do you prefer the famous colorful tie-dye? Play!

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27. There are options for all tastes

Maria Eduarda Portella Amorim

28. Choose the one that suits you best


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29. Add accessories


30. And rock with your sweatshirt!

Giovanna Ferrarezi

There are so many incredible options that it’s even difficult to choose your favorite, right? The secret is to follow your style and use the trend to your advantage!

How to make a tie-dye sweatshirt

If you're wondering how to make your own tie-dye sweatshirt, be sure to check out the video sequence! You will find different ways to customize the pieces you already have.

Tie-dye sweatshirt with fabric paint and spray bottle

In the video, you learn to customize a sweatshirt with fabric paint, water and a spray bottle! It's very easy and the result is impeccable, worth a try!

Neon tie-dye sweatshirt

Anyone who loves bright colors will fall in love with this sweatshirt! It is made with colored fluorescent inks, water and the piece. You find the step by step in the video.

Tie-dye sweatshirt with powder dye

In this option, the effect is incredible! The dye diluted in water is applied to parts of the piece, referring to a watercolor. The intensity of the color is up to you, depending on how much water you mix with the color. Unleash creativity!

Tie-dye sweatshirt and chocolate

Make a breathtaking customization with great practicality! Still, the video brings you step by step to make a tie-dye chocolate, ideal to present someone you love. Who said that delights need to stay out of the trend?

Black tie-dye sweatshirt

Check out this short and didactic video that shows you how to make a stylish black tie-dye! You just need a piece of black sweatshirt and bleach! Do not waste time!

Enjoy the inspirations and tutorials and play in the tie-dye! To continue the trend, check out 20 photos and the step by step to make tie-dye nails and rock the colors!

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